2015 Creative Goals

I've been feeling like I've been putting crafting and creativity on the back burner for a while now but with my new love of my Filofax, I have a way to track everything I think of!  So I thought I'd make some crafty goals for this year to keep my creative juices flowing:

Try 4 New Crafts
This was one of my four simple goals one month last year and the craft that I chose - loom knitting - was not my favorite so I never talked about it.  But this year I want to try - or continue with - some new to me crafty things.  The first is weaving.  I've been inspired by Rachel of Smile and Wave and by Alicia of Habitual Homebody and want to try my own take on some weaving projects.  I have some circular weaving ideas in mind as well as some more complex god's eyes.  I want to stretch the idea of weaving just a little bit.  The second is to continue with sewing.  I want to make a few shirts, a few maxi dresses/skirts, and just some other simple stuff so i get the hang of my sewing machine.  I'm not sure what the other two might be - maybe some polymer clay stuff, maybe I'll do more spinning of yarn, maybe I'll do some print making..who knows.  I just want to make, make, make.

Project Life 2015
First, I want to finish off my 2014 albums - still have to do September, October, November, and December (I am sooooo behind!).  The last trimester (?) of the year...thats what I call it...still needs to be completed.  I want to continue with my current breakdown - 4 months per 6x8 SNAP album - but instead of doing the 6x8 instagram collage at the front of the album I think I want to do a full 6x8 page of a word or saying that speaks to me that month.  I want to try to put a little bit more design into it.  I also want to include Zach in the album more.  It is so hard when it's just the two of you.  So far those are my only real Project Life goals this year.

Continue to Design Pocket Cards each month
I've loved doing free cards last year - find them all here - and really can't wait to continue to do it into 2015.  I plan on offering 12 sets of cards this year, one for each month.  I think I started with September last year and want to keep on going.  I also want to offer some fun free sets like I did for our anniversary in 2014.

Set up the garage, for real this time
Every time we clean out the garage to set up the studio (that has been a goal, for what like 3 years now?) more crap gets moved in there and we don't get it done.  We need to clean out the garage and make room for the studio.  We need to get rid of a lot of crap we do not need and get the garage set up for its intended purpose.  This is one of the goals that is stressing me out because we try every year and every year it doesn't go through.  Maybe one day it will fall in place.

What are your creative goals this year?  Anything you're gunning for?

xoxo, Moe

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