Trend Tuesday // My Favorite Teas

I've been drinking tea a lot lately.  It's been a night time ritual for me to brew a cup through my Keurig and I've added tea storage to our little coffee nook!  I thought I would share some of my favorites today because I'm thinking of repurchasing some samples I've had and it seems Amazon has the best prices for everything.  Currently I'm loving Jasmine tea and find myself drinking two cups a night!  But here are the rest of my faves:

Yamamotoyama Jasmine Tea (cheap but it's the one I've been going to!) // Red Rose Lemon Chiffon Tea (if you love light, lemon flavors...this is so yummy!) // Tazo Well Being Rest tea //  Harney & Sons Caribe flavored green & black teas (I got a sample of this and fell in love!)

Do you have a fondness for tea?  What is your go to relaxation method?

xoxo, Moe

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