Revisiting October 2014 Four Simple Goals

October is over....my favorite month just flew by.  I got about zero of these goals done.  I just wasn't feeling it this month I guess.  Sometimes I find myself really wanting to do something but I have zero motivation to do it.  Like, I'd really like to open up my etsy shop again and work on some stuff in my Zazzle store but I am just not feeling it.  But anyway, lets just look at the goals, shall we:

Get the Blog Sidebar & About page organized - Well, I did it.  I finally took out the post grad part of my about me.  Can you still claim that 3 years after graduation and when you have a full time job?  I mean I still feel like I'm parading around in my adult suit but I guess moving into your late twenties means you can't really consider yourself fresh out of college.  I need to find a new way to identify myself!

Clean out the garage (again) - didn't really happen.  However we pulled all the carpet up from the upstairs in getting ready to do the remodel, doesn't that count? No, it doesn't.

Make something new - I made a few new things this month actually.  I got a loom for loom knitting and I made a hat.  I'm not quite sure that I like loom knitting.  I thought it would have been something easy to do but I don't quite like the end result.  It's definitely easy but I think that crocheting is easier.  I also made a DIY soft box that I might share in a Make it Monday later on.

Go to the Pumpkin Patch - We didn't do this but we did get our pumpkin carving on.  I got some big ol pumpkins from a local market down from my work.  So we just sat in the floor and carved away.

It always feels good to look back on my goals even if they didn't really get accomplished the way they were intended.  This Four Simple Goal project keeps me accountable.  Here's to a successful November!

xoxo, Moe

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