Four Simple Goals October 2014

For nearly a year I've been keeping up with setting 4 goals a month revolving around me, family, and the blog. It's been pretty neat to see things accomplished since I've never been to great at setting an achieving goals before. I'd always set them then forget them and eventually get around to them. But I'd never been able to intentionally set and meet goals easily before. Setting four small goals each month revolving around the important things in my life has really helped me break that pattern and see some progress. Here are October's goals:

Get the blog sidebar & about page organized - A lot that is in my sidebar and on my about page has nothing to do with my blog or my shops any more. And it's getting to be weird looking. I'm not sure if people are clicking through and then wondering what the heck is happening or not but I know I need to take charge of it and put my best blog-face forward.

Clean out the garage (again) - It's gotten to be a place to throw everything again and thats not what this is all about. We need to clean it out so I might finally get back in the pottery mood....yeah, that hasn't happened yet either.

Make something new - This is a pretty vague goal I know but I want to try to make something new. Maybe I'll try weaving or loom knitting (I actually bought some loom knitting stuff). Or maybe I'll make a book, who knows. I just feel like I'm in a rut again and need something new to try my hand at. I feel like that always brings me out of it. Even though I need to finish some Project Life albums!

Go to the pumpkin patch - Last year we went to a small farm with a little corn maze but I'd like to find a place were we could go for the afternoon that maybe has some hot cider, a bunch of carved pumpkins, a corn maze, etc. Just a place to really spend the afternoon. And to get a pumpkin or two to carve!

Also I was just informed that our little pupster is going to turn 9 years old on October 14th so I have to do something to celebrate.  Dogs care about their birthdays, right?

Happy October!

What are your goals for the month? Anything new you want to try?
xoxo, Moe

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  1. Hey Moe! It's been a good 6 or so months since I've visited your blog and I am loving your new blog design! My goals for this month will be to buy a new desk and fix up my computer corner so it isn't such an eyesore, try a new recipe, start my xmas shopping (outrageous right?! I am not getting stuck at the shops this year with a toddler!) & learn how to use my camera properly. Good luck with your goals!

    Lauren / And Together We


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