Boost Your Blog // 3 Must Have iPhone Accessories for Bloggers

With the release of the new iPhone 6 aaannnddd the fact that nearly everything is bigger and better including the camera, I thought I'd share with you some awesome must haves for making the most of your iPhone photography.  If you've found that your phone is the camera you carry with you the most and you like to edit your photos on your phone, here are three accessories that will make the most of your photos:
This can take your shaky phone photos to the next level.  If you find that you do a lot of staged blog photography with your iPhone, a tripod mount steadies your phone and leaves your hands free to compose your shot.  I love using my mount and the gorilla tripod it came with but if you have a real tripod you can also tilt your phone to more steady angles instead of carefully perching it on the nearest, tallest thing.

Even the cheapest remote works perfectly for this.  I have this one and it does the job.  This also leaves your hands free and reduces the shaking from pressing the button on the screen of the phone.  You can also carry this one easily in your pocket if you're taking outfit shots or group shots.

If you're trying to get that close up shot and capture the intimate details of your subject - like a flower or details of stitching your stock camera lens probably won't cut it.  You'll definitely need the micro lens that comes in this set.  If you're trying to capture the widest angle possible, like a group shot is nice scenery, you'll appreciate the wide angle lens in this set.  However, with the wide angle you'll get a little bit of warping at the edges of your photos.  

All in all if you're trying to step up your iPhone photo game you might want to consider these three accessories.  I've found them individually on Amazon but also found a great set (plus a selfie stick!) here. 

What are your top tech accessories?

xoxo, Moe

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