Summer Memories 2014

The second Summer in Indiana has just flown by.  I can't believe it actually.  It suddenly went from 6 feet of snow to 2 feet of leaves and I don't know where the time went.  While I will say that September & October are my two favorite months there are still some Summer memories I'd like to keep forever.  I just finished my first Project Life book of October 2011- December 2012 (I'll post on it soon!).  I've started work on 2013 & on 2014.  I started with Summer 2014 first when I started work on the 2014 year, this was just a good Summer!  Here are some memories:
This summer, about the middle of July, there were so many fireflies it was like being in a movie.  Every time I went out side our house at night the whole landscape was lit up.  If you've ever been to Disney World and have seen how they light some of the bushes with twinkling lights it reminded me of that.  At the beginning of the Summer I saw maybe one or two or three fireflies.  I thought about how I hardly see them any more.  Then one night while taking the dog out I was surprised by the masses of fireflies twinkling into the night.  I want to remember the joy I felt and the magic of the fireflies in mid July because they are all gone now.  It was really a period of about 2 weeks!
Bubbles is the best place for ice cream.  There is a small ice cream & pie shop called Bubbles down from us.  We have to drive there but it's at the edge of a little neighborhood with nice houses.  It's across the street from a drive-in restaurant where they bring food to your car.  They have tons of flavors - my favorites are Birthday Cake and Lemon Marshmallow.  Waffle cones are the bees knees.  Sitting outside on their porch is nice especially because they have a bubble machine constantly blowing bubbles around.
Camping in a 2 man tent and dressing into my 1300's inspired dresses, cap, etc is hard.  We went to a few SCA events this summer - some we went back to back to back weekends.  It was fun to meet new people, learn knew things, and discover something to get involved in.  Sharing a 2 man tent and dressing a man and a woman in period attire is hard.  You have to take turns and hike up that dress to get out of the tent.  Meeting and eating and drinking with quite a few people was a fun, fun part of the summer and I can't wait to see what fall events we end up going to.
Some other memories - front porch sitting, steak cooking and eating, flea market & yard sale shopping, crocheting & crafting, walking the dog, cotton candy eating. afternoon nap taking, Pewter melting & casting, cherry picking & eating.

How was your summer memorable?

xoxo, Moe

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