July Favorites 2014

I've been trying to get back into my YouTube channel but I've updated my iMovie & I'm pretty sure it now hates me.  So since we're apparently fighting I can't edit or upload videos.  But I still wanted to share with you what I've been loving this past month of July
Black & White - I don't know what happened but I've been all about black & white lately.  I love anything & everything, especially notebooks.  I'm getting back into my planner and I love how the inserts I've been making are pure black & white.  The contrast leaves room for color else where.  This little notebook is from one of the dollar type bins at Michael's.  

Jewelry - I've been loving bold metals recently.  I'm pretty sure it's a fall thing but this watch is from Charming Charlie's and the thick, gold necklace is from Claire's clearance.  Rose gold & bold gold have been ruling my life recently.

Lip Colors - 
Long wearing lip colors have been really interesting me lately.  It started with a purchase of CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lip Color in a really great read color.  Sadly I think this one was discontinued as I believe I got it at Big Lots.  But it did last all day through the 4th of July!  Through eating & fireworks.  I was impressed.  So I was on a quest for more.  Next I bought some L'Oreal Infallible Lip Colors, the one in the top left corner is in the color Apricot.  Both of these types of lip colors have the liquid lip color you apply & let dry.  Then you top it with the gloss.  They are both so long wearing and the gloss really moisturizes your lips.

I really wanted to get my hands on some new things and at the top of the list were the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints.  I have to say I was super impressed with them!  They are super glossy but they set down to a nice finish.  And, at least on me, leave a little stain.  My favorites that are wearable everyday are Pin Up and Blushing but Coy, the lavender/purple above melts my purple loving heart.

And finally I jumped on the bandwagon with the new Rimmel Color Rush Balms.  I found these at Kmart which I'm starting to love for obscure drugstore beauty items I can't seem to find elsewhere.  These are super long lasting and moisturizing as well.  The coral color on the bottom left is really a true, bright coral and the pink on the right is more of a brighter, baby pink.  These are high color.  I'm pretty sure the left is Give Me A Cuddle and the right is Make Me Blush...but they don't have names on them....so sad.

Face Products -
For concealing my dark under eye circles that have slowly been creeping up I've been using Benefit's Erase Paste.  It is a great, salmon colored concealer that works perfectly for me.  I have a small sample size and probably would only repurchase that size because so much comes in it.  I feel like the full sized might dry out on me.  I've also been loving this Wet n Wild CoverAll concealer wand in the color Fair.  It is the perfect pink toned concealer for highlighting.  It reminds me of the radiant shade in the Dream Lumi concealer.  I also got this concealer at Kmart since I'd seen it no where else.  There is a whole review on the CoverAll line here on the blog.

For foundations it's been the month of the long wear make up as well.  The L'Oreal Infallible 18 Hour Foundation lasts pretty well through the day & is full coverage.  I haven't heard anyone talk about this foundation before, either.  It's great for oily skin if you use a shine control primer under it.  It does transfer as you go through the day but the coverage still stays there.  At first I didn't like the Maybelline Super Stay Make up but I've been using it on and off this month (switching from it to the L'Oreal) and have to say I do like it.  It too is full coverage and stays all day.  I like the consistency of the Super Stay better than the Infallible.  I need to look at the ingredients but to me it seems there's a sort of oil or something in the Infallible and the Maybelline might be more water based.  I read somewhere what to look for when deciding that but now I can't remember!

For moisturizer I've been using the moisturizer that came in the July Ipsy bag.  It's BeFine Food Skin Care and is natural, fragrance free and just plain nice.

For finishing spray I'm finishing off my Urban Decay DeSlick setting spray and and soon as the Ulta opens in my neck of the woods (hooray!!) that will be the first thing I purchase there!!

What are you loving this month?  Anything new?  Anything worth sharing?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I totally agree with you on the Erase Paste front - I have the full size and it will last me a lifetime, not even kidding! I love using it to cover blemishes or spots, not so much under my eyes or around my nose as I feel it dries them out and breaks up on my skin but over blemishes etc it just makes them disappear and stays all day! xxx

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