Free Journaling cards for September

Hooray!  It's September - one of my two favorite months.  Spoiler alert: October is my other favorite month.  Since I've been loving to include Project Life journaling cards in my planner recently - both ones with sayings or quotes and ones with space to write or use as note jotters.  I thought about how fun it would be to create my own journaling cards for my planner now that I know what I'm looking for and what better way than to do it by month!
This  month is back-to-school themed and I actually used this tutorial I posted a bit ago to make journaling cards using PicMonkey.  All of these have free clip art from the site a long with my own downloaded fonts.  Some of the clip art is from the Royale feature so if you're inclined to try your hand at it be sure to use this link to get a free day of the Royale options.

These cards are great for scrapbooks like Project Life, for any journaling or list making your do, and for sprucing up your planner.  The free file includes four of each 3x4 cards and 4x6 cards.  You can trim & round the corners if you like or keep them square.  I plan on hole punching a few to spruce up my planner for the month of September - even though I'm not going back to school!
This theme really inspired me because of the lined clip art option in PicMonkey.  Knowing that I love those types of quick jotters I was sure to include one in this set.  Here's a bonus though: click this link to go to another file with only the lined jotters!  4 per page!

These journaling cards are free for personal use - please feel free to send the link to your friends and create to your hearts content but do not claim these as you own.  Do not sell or reproduce them commercially.

Download full collection here | Download just the jotters here
**Links should work now!!!**

Hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Moe

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