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I may or may not have my groove back y'all and I'm going to take it where I have it!  Another feature I want to add to the blog here are app reviews - and this review is the perfect follow up for the Instagram post from yesterday!  Trying new apps is a fun thing to do and finding new apps is one of my favorite past times.  I find that sometimes I'll find app after app after app and other times I'm stuck in an app rut.  So I thought I'd rekindle my love for some of the apps I've downloaded in the past but have forgotten about.  Our iPhones are the new junk drawer, don't you think?  I found a video saved in an app from like 2012, no lie.  So it's time to go back through and sort things out.
Today I wanted to review for you an app called Afterlight and I totally forgot it was on my iPhone until I was looking for new photo editing apps. 

What it is
A quick & straightforward photo editing app.  Offers a simple design with powerful tools to give you the look you want in seconds.  Costs $0.99 has 15 adjustment tools, 59 filters, 66 textures, 128 frames, and a new double exposure feature.  (Some in app purchases required.)  Download it here.
taken from iTunes app store description here.

What it does
Edits your photos beautifully!  With wonderful editing options you can change the contrast, brightness, and exposure quickly & easily.  It give beautiful dream like photos in seconds.  Throw on one of the beautiful filters & adjust it's strength for those perfectly whimsical photos you love to see.

In app purchases give you access to many filters & the filters offer a sliding scale to intensify or reduce the filter over your image.  If you're into the beautiful photoshop filters you can find all around these days but don't have photoshop or don't want to spend the money, this app is a great tool
You can also add light leaks and frames.  There's even an option for silhouettes & a new double exposure option.  You can create stunning & gorgeous artistic images in this app....it is small but powerful.  The image below was featured on the Afterlight Instagram page & shared by @beckybird - so all credit goes there!  And if you follow Afterlight on Instagram you can see some amazing photos & learn some tricks about using the app which can come in handy when trying to use the effects on your own.
How it helps you
If you're the average IGer or blogger who wants to achieve those dreamy photos you see but can't afford the photoshop or photoshop actions to do so - this app is for you.  With very little investment you can get super creative.  If nothing more it is the best app for control over slight adjustments like brightness & contrast and offers you more adjustment options than other apps.
I use this as a blogger & IGer to create bright, beautiful photos with just an air of dreaminess to enhance my blog posts.  This app doesn't let you go over board with over processing your photos but lets you have complete control over tiny adjustments.

I definitely believe this is a must have app on your iPhone if your a blogger or IGer wanting to amp up your photos and have complete control over slight edits.  With very little investment you can get the effects of having a sophisticated photo editing set up.  Download it here.

What are some of your favorite photo editing apps?

xoxo, Moe

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