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Don't get confused....I'm still taking a break...but I wanted to pop in & share some of the reasons for taking a break that I've been thinking about.  I've realized that while taking a break form this blog it's really hard to take a break from blogging.  I looovvvee sharing things on this blog & on Instagram, Twitter, & my reactivated Tumblr.  But there are things I've been thinking about lately that I just feel make me a bad blogger.
Lack of interaction - I'm horrible when it comes to responding to comments.  I get a notification in my email when there is a comment & I've learned from experience that if the commenter doesn't have their email linked to their account a reply to the email won't reach them.  So in order to reply back I have to go to my blog & comment.  And even then, if they don't come back to the post or if they haven't subscribed to replies, there is no way they will see the reply.  Also all of this is hard to do on my phone.  And, it's horrible, but I just don't care to take the time to do all of this.  For me, I want sharing & blogging to be instant gratification.  It might also be vain or something but I share 80% for me - I blog because I feel I have something to say but also because it's pretty much a visual diary for me of my life & my ideas.  I like when people comment & want to follow my blog, etc.  But I also just want to do me.

The weird blogging pressure - I feel this weird blogging pressure to do more with my blog.  Sometimes I feel I should be at a different place being that I've had this blog for around 5 years now.  At one time I wanted this to be all I did.  I'd love to make a living blogging & creating but when you throw in that I have an actual full time job trying to do those things, for me, isn't feasible.  I'm demanded of everyday the last thing I want to do is come home & feel like I have to blog because I made this commitment to ________.  I used to want to collaborate with others & do things that reaped benefits (monetary & otherwise) but I don't have time to devote to something like that.

Too time intensive - Moving to posting on Tumblr for the summer wasn't my favorite thing to do but I wanted to try it because of the ease of posting.  I really wish that I could post to Blogger with the ease of posting to Tumblr & Instagram.  It is way too much to take these pristine pictures - which, by the way I hate pulling out my DSLR because it is too much to try to capture a perfect picture, import it to your computer, edit, & upload it.  I hate setting up, finding the perfect light, the perfect settings on my camera, by the time this is all done the excitement I had for the idea & the post is gone.  It's nothing for me to write up the copy for the post but the taking the pictures is the part I just despise.  Tumblr & Instagram allows easy posting from my phone.  

So those are just somethings I've been thinking about recently while thinking about while taking a little break.  For me, I like to write these things down so in the future I know where I was at a certain time in my life.  Thats really what this blog is for me.

Oh, & Happy 4th of July!!!

xoxo, Moe  

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