Four Simple Goals for May 2014

Time for Four Simple Goals for May!  I am so happy the weather is getting warmer so that means some goals should include warm weather things right?  Hooray!  This month is going to focus on Spring cleaning too...last month we did the garage..boy you must think my house is a wreck with all the cleaning we have to do!  But seriously, I'm sure you know this, but it never ends.  There's always something somewhere to get cleaned.  I told Zach last month when we were doing the garage that I'd rather organize the whole house than pick up a single leaf.  Yard work makes me feel like I'm getting no where every time I do it.  But it's a part of life I guess!  Here are May's goals:

Maintain the gardening - plants, mowing, weed wacking, etc
I want to spend a little time planting each day - mainly a plantfest on the weekend - but just keep the front yard getting prettier as the summer comes nearer. This is laying the ground work to enjoy our yard during the summer.  I'm also going to include setting up the patio with nice twinkle lights & just making that a pleasant place to relax while grilling.

Clean something each night
I've realized that I've been slacking on my cleaning because I just don't feel like it.  But then, when it comes time to enjoy being home...my house is a wreck.  I've gotten off track of the put shit away train I was on and I need to get back to it.  So this should be a huge goal this month!  I want to clean at least one thing each night...maybe I'll make a little check list, because Lord knows a 26 year old needs a chore list.

Take a little getaway - get organized & go camping
Zach & I just need a little weekend vacation.  It would be so fun to just pick up & go one weekend.  We got a tent last year but never used it.  It's time to start planing a camping trip!  We've got a lot of fun camping gear Zach got at a yard sale one weekend so we might be roughing it real good.  I just really want to do an over night at a camp ground, maybe go to a museum or see some caverns, etc.  Nothing too primitive!

Crochet two more bags
Another little goal for myself is to crochet more.  I want to make a few crocheted bags for summer & have been pinning a lot on Pinterest.  My over all goal is to make 7 before the end of Summer which would be labor day.  Who knows if I'll really use them but it's a chance to try out different textures, patterns, and stitches.

So hopefully we'll get some stuff done this month.  What are your goals for May?  Is the weather getting warmer where you are???

xoxo, Moe

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  1. My main goal is to blog a heck of a lot more. So far, I have been doing pretty well so I hope it continues.


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