Four Simple Goals for April 2014

I don't what it is with me publishing unfinished posts recently!  This was up all day with no intro text & just these four goals!  Anyway.....April means Spring & a lot of these are spring cleaning related.   Here's what I'm hoping to get accomplished this month:

Plan for our garden in the Spring
We need to transplant & prepare for a little vegetable garden that we want to maintain this year.  You may also remember our fail at an herb garden.  Well, I'm totally all over it because I'm going to put planter boxes off the side of the patio for an herb garden.  I also need to plan what I'm going to do for the front yard this year.  I spent a lot of time planting stuff last year, then I hated it.  So I need to take like a Lowe's gardening class!!

Organize closets/cabinets
This might be a goal broken up into a few days/weekends!  I really (like, really really) need to get our bedroom closet under control but there are things stowed in places that just need to be taken care of!

Collaborate on the blog with others
Whether it's guest posts or group posts I want to actually get back into interacting with others in the blogging world.  I also want to be better at commenting & responding to comments I get on the blog here!  I'm horrible with that :( but hopefully this will make a habit.  I just want to interact more with others - I'm better on Twitter & Instagram.

Work with Zach on a regular post for the blog
It's always been fun when we've worked together on something for the blog.  Every year I do a big semi-how-to post on our Valentine's Day pasta making but I want to try to come up with a regular post we can do together.  Even if he's just being handy it would be nice to have him regularly here on the blog!

Hooray for April!

What will you do this month?

xoxo, Moe

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