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Last year was the year of the lipstick & this year I feel like is the year of the eyeshadow.  I've been in love with a few of my eyeshadow brushes lately & in love with way too many eyeshadows.  There is a huge jar of shadow brushes that sit on my dresser but I keep reaching for only a few each day.  These brushes are from random sets or singles by themselves but they've quickly turned into my go-to brushes for a simple eye look.  Here are my essentials:
Small Shadow Brush
Sometimes these are called c-shadow brushes, but they are any sort of brush with small, c shaped bristles.  This brush is great for packing color on to your lid.  I like a thiner more dense brush but any c shaped brush is good.  My favorite is from this set on Amazon, but Elf makes a good one here for $1 & for $3.  You can use these to pack shadow on the lid or to smudge out shadow around your lower lash line so it has multiple uses!

Blending Brush
This brush is the best for blending colors together or creating a seamless look between your lid color & crease shade.  It's always nice to have a few of these type of brushes around just in case you need to switch colors or want a clean one if you're using a darker color.  My favorite type of blending brush isn't too stiff & is shaped like a cone.  A brush with a lot of longer bristles will let you blend more easily.  My favorite brush (in the photo above) was given to me by a friend and I believe she got it in an Ipsy bag or Birchbox one month (why didn't I get one!?!?!) but Revlon makes a good one, though it's small, here & you can also find some on Amazon here.

Large Shadow Brush
This brush is great for adding a highlight to your brow bone or for adding more color on your lid in a larger area.  I consider this an important brush because it can cover more ground if you just one one base shadow over a larger area of your eyelid since it's bigger than the small shadow brush!

Optional - Liner Brush
I don't do any liner on my upper lid so an angled liner brush is that necessary for me.  I do use one for my eyebrows but if you don't do your eyebrows it's not necessary! Any lining you do of your lower lash line can be smudged out with the small shader above.  So this one is totally optional!

These are my favorite & most used types of brushes.  If you're just getting started or you don't know where to begin, these are the brushes for you.  You can find them online for very cheap - Coastal Scents & the Eyes Lips Face website - or in sets like this one or this one from Amazon.

What are your go to brushes?  Any tips & tricks?

xoxo, Moe

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