Three Great Eye Shadow Primers

Making you're eyeshadow stay all day is a huge goal for all of us..is it not?  I'm always faced with creasing & it sucks.  I'm not sure if I have unusually oily eyelids or perhaps it's just the name of the game but only a few eyeshadow primers really work for me.  I'm always up for trying more but lately I've been turning to these three guys:
Maybelling Color Tattoo in - This is one of the color tattoos from their matte collection last summer I think.  I've never been a fan of the color tattoos as regular eyeshadows but this one as a base is perfect!  It evens out my lids & is just tacky enough to hold shadow but not creamy enough to slide around my eye in an hour.  The texture of this one is kind of weird and to me it feels a bit thicker than the other, shimmery color tattoos.  Sorry, but these are no longer available (so sad) but I'd suggest scouring your Big Lot's or just keeping an eye out for them because sometimes these things pop up in those types of discount stores.

Wet n Wild Take on the Day Eye Primer - As you can see, this tube has had a lot of love.  This used to be my one & only go to eye lid primer.  I also have the shimmer version of this & they both work nicely.  The actual product smooths on clear unlike the other two in this post.  I like the tackiness of this as well - just enough hold, not enough to crease.  

Milani Shadow Eyez pencil in  - This is one I'm turning to more & more as it is more of a drier formula.  It evens out my lid since it's in that almond color and since it's a bit lighter than my skin tone it can act as a brow highlight, too.  I love the slightly less tacky texture of this pencil & it smooths on the lid like a dream.  The best thing about this pencil is Milani added it to their permanent line!  It was limited edition but now you can buy it on the shelves.  Don't you hate that all the best things are limited edition?
Left to Right: 
Maybelline Color Tattoo, Wet n Wild Take on the Day, Milani Shadow Eyez in Almond
These have been in constant rotation in my make up routine lately.  I try to trade things out every now & again to make sure a lot of my collection gets an even amount of love.  Other eyeshadow primers & bases just haven't lived up to these three, though!

What helps your eyeshadow to stay crease free all day long?  Any recommendations?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. urban decay has the best eye primer. it goes on smooth, lightens the eyelid area nicely, and my shadow NEVER creases... it even helps (in my opinion) keep my eyeliner from creasing on my lid for most of the day... amazing product, pricy, but amazing... you can get trial tubes at ulta for only 10 bucks. and the product lasts

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