My Four Favorite Craft Supplies

The other day while sitting down to create my planner & again while working on my new art journal I realized that there are some craft supplies that are just awesome to have.  Sometimes you just need something to make & when you have these four supplies your options are endless.  Some of these supplies might be somethings you don't have or they might be things you hoard.  For me these supplies are essential to being free to create - especially since I've been doing a lot paper crafting lately:

I put off for a long time picking up a corner rounder.  In fact I'm pretty sure I picked mine up on clearance because paper punches like this can be really expensive.  This is great if your making a book or just want nice rounded corners on a project.  I've used this to create ATCs, to round the corners on my planner dividers, and to add accents to pages in other projects.  This gives you the freedom to create uniform pages & is much simpler than using your scissors to round corners.

This is a craft supply I hoard like no other.  I love washi tape because it's just so colorful & often really affordable.  When you feel inspired but aren't sure what to make, you can always cover things in washi tape!  I've recently been breaking into my collection to get creative all over everything, like my quote art journal from Monday.

Another supply I hoard!  I don't scrapbook but I can't pass up a nice pad of pretty paper.  Again, if you feel creative yet uninspired bust out the scrapbook paper.  Cut it up, paste it together, create a fun piece of art for your wall or make a little book with your feelings right now.  Sometimes even flipping through the patterns inspire me to be creative.

I have two paper slicers actually!  This is great to quickly & evenly trim down paper for books or other projects.  Perfect for when you're busting out the washi tape & scrapbook paper.  This tool makes creating so much easier because you can measure and cut in one step.

Each of these supplies makes creating a bit easier.  These are great to have on hand because you can get creative with them but also because you'll never know when you might need them!  Since I've been in a creative rut lately (I think I'm finally breaking it!) these simple supplies have helped me keep my hands busy while I sort out exactly how I want to be creative.

What are your favorite, go-to craft supplies?  Do you hoard things for no reason only to drag them all out later?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. i love this collage! my paper cutter is the most used crafting tool i have. even my husband uses it for album inserts in the records he sells.


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