Three Great Things Project for 2014

I'm probably setting myself up here with all the goals I've been setting here lately.  I'm no good with them - I mean I get to some of them eventually but really I am horrible.  But hey, there's a thing called life & it gets in the way when you're trying to plan..so there's that.  For example I have the Four Simple Goals I'd like to set & complete each month for 2014 now I have this little Instagram challenge?  What am I thinking!
This year I want to be better about posting things that make me happy.  Guess what - I'm a complainy/grumpy kind of person if you'll let me be.  I am always up for a woe is me session.  If you want to complain about things & just be an all out downer, I'm for it.  And if you try to cheer me up  or offer me advice when I'm complaining to you, you're missing the point - I just want to complain & I want you to agree with me.  ugh, it's so annoying..just let me be a grump!  But, honestly it's no fun being grumpy & complaining all the time so I want to start appreciating things more...even the little things.  Like the day I came back from my vacation I was expecting a lot of stress from work - but it was actually a nice day & I appreciated it!
I try to do this everyday but so far it's been a few times a week.  I set an alarm on my phone & sometimes I ignore it & sometimes I type out my three great things.  This project isn't to be too serious - most of the time I'm happy that I didn't fall clearing the snow off my car or that there's a TJ Maxx going in near our Khols.  Sharing things that just went right during the day or during the week has made me a happier person.  The app I use is called Phoster but you could use any sort of app that lets you add text over photos then I just post to Instagram.

So I've been doing this little project for a while now, posting every few days or so & tagging with the hashtag #ThreeGreatThings so I can keep up with my photos through the year.  If you want to join in, please do!  Let me know so I can find your Three Great Things!

What are your Three Great Things?  Any small things that make you happy day to day?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. This is really great! I actually have an app that I use daily (well, almost daily...I'm also terrific at self-pity parties!) called "Think happy thoughts! Happynote" that has me write down three good things that made me happy each day. I think taking them and sharing them on Instagram is awesome and I think I might try and do it at least a couple of times a week! So count me (Ella, or LaWhimsy on Instagram) in!


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