Revisiting January 2014 Goals

Can you believe that January is nearly gone already?  It's like crazy! You may remember that instead of setting a few huge goals at the beginning of the year I opted to set four small goals for each month.  These goals include two home related things, one business/blog related thing, and one family thing.  Keep a look out for February's goal list.  I hope I can keep up the momentum!

Here's an update on the goals for January 2014:

Clean out the spare bedroom completely & hang the mirror in the bathroom
Um, nearly check!  We got that room all cleaned out & for a bonus I got my desk cleaned off and my bookshelf organized!  That was a February goal but I swapped it in here because it was too darn cold to even think about cleaning out the garage.  My desk is nearly the way I want it! We got the guest room cleared & we had a guest stay.  The bathroom still needs some love - we have to hang the mirror & find lights that actually work above it, put some shelves up, get some matching towels/rugs/decor/etc.

Clean out the vintage stuff from the garage.
I swapped this out for something else - organizing my desk area - because it is toooooo cold to be working in the garage!  I also added a little laundry room make over too.  Hooray, this house is coming together slowly but surely.  Hey, I think it's a good thing.

Rearrange the Zazzle store
Pretty much I just took off the categories on the front page & rearranged where products fall.  So this goal is completed.  Since there's not really a custom store front anymore I'm going to focus on tags & more products.  I need to sit down & actually make more designs.

Find another restaurant to add to our list
Well, because of the snow we haven't really been able to try anything new.  Maybe in the Summer we'll be able to get our & go places.  I've found quite a few I want to try & can't wait to go out.  The snow is really cramping my style!

So there you have it - even though I swapped one for another, more achievable goal, three out of four isn't too bad!  I think I'm loving this goal setting thing.  Maybe this is the year of actually doing well.  This idea of focusing has really helped me seize the year!

What did you accomplish in January?  Anything grand or anything small is great!

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