Trend Tuesday // Top 6 Places for Jewelry & Accessories

I do this thing where in the Fall I get really into layering - I think everyone does this - but I love layering clothes & accessories!  I'm always on the hunt for affordable jewelry, accessories, & purses even though I don't need any more.  While I'm doing a No Buy November with make up & accessories (though I think it might turn into a Low Buy November!) I thought I'd share with you my favorite places to buy jewelry & accessories!  This list is great if you're shopping for yourself or shopping for a gift or looking for something to ask for from Santa:
These are my fall back shops when I don't know what I want but know I want something.  Working for Claire's/Icing was a highlight in my job experience I think because I got to develop a real sense of style. I also saw a lot of little girls come in with their sense of style too!  Of course, Icing is geared towards older teenagers to early twenties.  But sometimes you can find great things in there being a little older.  They always have sales on earrings & hair accessories (both Icing & Claires) and don't forget to check out the clearance.  I think that lately a lot of my jewelry has come from the clearance section of these two stores.  Something else you might be able to keep a lookout for are the stores that tend to get all the sale stuff - these stores often have a huge clearance section all the time.  You might be able to snag some goodies up for cheap every time you go in.  Also these stores have 10 for $10 sales - buy ten items & each is a dollar - or 5 for $10 sales - buy five items & each is two dollars.  I love Icing for purses & scarves as well.  Oh, did you know their websites are now shopable!  So excited they launched that!

I just discovered this shop & I'm in love!  I haven't bought anything yet but there are a few items on my Christmas list!  This site is set up like a marketplace with individual sellers but you can search through all the stores from the home page.  It's most comparable to Etsy with categories, individual sellers, storefronts, etc - but not everything is hand made.  This is a lame explaination but it's like a virtual mall with a bunch of different sellers all in one site.  My favorite part about Shop Lately are the Sale Events where you can see all the sale items from all shops.  I also like the Marketplaces or Market Bashes that feature a collection of similar items from different stores - so like all belts, or all skulls, or all crystal jewelry, or all animal print, or all scarves, etc.  Some of the sales you just can not beat & they often have free shipping!

This is another place I love to just pop in when I'm at the mall.  You never know what you might find.  I love that it's all arranged by color & I can go directly to what catches my eye.  Right now I love all the rose gold accessories they have at Charming Charlie.  My current favorite watch is from there & I just feel so elegant in it even though it's a chunky metal watch.  They too have awesome sale items - can you tell what I'm getting at with this blog post?  I've picked up three perfect for Fall necklaces there recently (mentioned in my October Favorites video!) for super cheap - they must have been under $8 each.  Usually a necklace will come with a set of matching earrings so you don't even have to try to match them.  But since it's all color coordinated you wouldn't have a hard time with that anyway.  Their regular prices aren't that bad either and they carry shoes, bags, and other accessories.  But I'm sure you know that already.

I never really thought of Bit Lot's as a place to find accessories but I've found a set of cute scarves there for $6 each!  They were all animal print which is so in for Fall & have held up pretty good.  When I was poking around there back when I was looking for affordable Fall decor I saw some really great looking black & gold earrings that were really on trend.  For the most part Big Lot's is one of those places you have to dig to find the gold - but don't over look the sale items either!  While I had convinced myself that Big Lot's was only good for home decor & pretty candles I ended up surprising myself on a recent trip by finding these on trend things.

Of course Target has to be on this list!  But we don't have a Target where we live - it's about 30 minutes away - so I don't get there often.  Their bags, purses, & accessories are super cute you just can't say no.  I love browsing the clearance here too!  Nothing much to say here since I know you're already out the door heading to Target.

These marketplaces are great to find handmade goods - Etsy more so than Storenvy.  With Etsy you can find a lot of handmade jewelry that you know someone has taken the time to craft just for you.  Often you'll find one of a kind jewelry pieces that can hold a special place in someones heart.  You can also scour vintage finds to discover the perfect gift for someone special.  I love Etsy because it's a way to tell a story.  Etsy is more than a storefront it's a narrative.  You can get to know a seller better.  Storenvy isn't that much of a marketplace as Etsy is - it's more just a place of markets.  It's like a whole bunch of unrelated stores decided to get together in one place.  So there's less of a story there.  Sometimes you can find gems but sometimes it's mass produced stuff.  A lot of stores are carefully curated collections of items the seller loves.  So these stores can really give you a narrative.  I like hosting my store Five One Six on Storevny because the storefronts are a bit more professional than on Etsy.  But to each his own.

So now that I totally want to get my shop on I hope that you've discovered or rediscovered some fun places to shop for affordable jewelry & accessories.  What did you just add to your wish list?

xoxo, Moe

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