Mybelline Baby Lips Review

I'm a chapstick & lip balm junkie when it comes to the cooler months.  I'm a chapstick & lip balm junkie any time of the year actually.  My main jam is usually the Chap Stick Moisturizer stick - it's in a blue tube.  Currently I have a tube in my vanity, in my night stand, in the bathroom, in the coffee table drawer, in my purse, & on my desk at work.  I need these little tubes.  But in an effort to feel a bit more fancy when I need some lip hydration I've picked up some Baby Lips from Maybelline.  I've grabbed a few from the new lines since the summer - some of the regular line, some of the Electro line, & some of the new Doctor Rescue line.  In fact I'm very proud that I actually finished a whole tube of one of them, who ever does that! 
These are the four that I have.  Honestly I don't know why I keep trying the different lines - because Baby Lips are not my favorite.  I think it's neat that they are tinted balms....but I don't think they hydrate for as much hype as they get.  They are also a bit expensive for a tinted balm that doesn't moisturize to suit my taste. :(
The top two are from the Electro collection from earlier in the summer - the colors are Oh! Orange! & Pink Shock.  These were the second tubes of Baby Lips I picked up because the first ones were just clear.  I like the clear ones (the blue one on the bottom right I use in the morning while I'm getting ready) but wanted to try out the sheer tint the colored balms give.  The colored ones don't hydrate as well as the first two clear ones I picked up in Quenched (the blue one above) and another one that was in a green tube with a mint flavor.  I actually finished that one & tossed it since it was in my desk at work.

The one to the bottom left is the newest one I grabbed up because the Dr Rescue line is supposed to be sort of a healing balm for dried, chapped lips.  In fact these are the claims from the website - medicated care + 12 hr hydration, soothes quickly with a hint of eucalyptus, cools sore lips with a touch of icy menthol.  I find that this one from the Dr Rescue line is more hydrating than the ones from the Electro line.  The Dr Rescue is definitely soothing & calming and feels great on sore chapped lips.  I like putting it on when I've been outside & this one stays in my purse.  Another plus is that it has a sheer hint of a nice plummy shade, which I think is great for fall.  However, it's still no comparison to my Chap Stick!

The one on the bottom right there is left over from the first two Baby Lips I picked up at the beginning of this past summer.  I actually like using this one to preserve the moisture in my lips when I'm getting ready in the morning.  This one actually sinks in & provides hydration & I think it's nice to use before applying lipstick.  I like using this before applying lipstick rather than my chap stick - shocker!
Here are the swatches on my hand.  I liked the Electro collection in the summer but didn't really use the orange color because it smells like oranges.  I don't really like things that are supposed to smell like oranges - they smell so gross!  Here you can see the difference in Pink Shock & Soothing Sorbet as well.

My final verdict on these guys?  They won't replace my Chap Stick Moisturizer.  The clear one isn't too bad to moisturize in the morning, I don't like the ones I have from the Electro Collection - mainly because the orange one smells like oranges (yuck), and the Doctor Resuce's only saving graces are that it's a nice berry color for fall & does feel soothing if I've been outside.  Other than that, I don't think I'll buy any more.  They are too expensive for what you get.  If you're looking for moisture, might as well keep stock in those .99 cent chapsticks - unless you want a bit of color.  Then throw one in your purse - but you could also just throw in your lip color, a Chap Stick, or one of the Jordana Twist & Shines! (Those are my new favorites!)

Do you like Baby Lips?  What's your go to for lip moisture?

xoxo, Moe

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