My Favorite (& One Unfavorite) Volumizing Mascaras

Along with all things make up, I'm really into mascaras.  I think I've always liked mascaras even when my make up collection was small but it's just now that I'm really getting into trying different ones.  Mainly I go for mascaras that give volume & not length because I've been blessed with lashes a mile long.  I have currently been obsessed with giving the outer half of my lashes thickness.  I love a thick, black set of lashes & am no good with false lashes.  I can't ever get them to be even!  Anyway, in addition to mascaras that give volume, I've also found that tight lining or lining your upper water line gives the illusion of thickness as well since you see no skin between your lashes.  Oh, ps - sorry that the Rimmel Scandal Eyes is gross!  It was much loved before finding these others!
So as far as it goes for volumizing mascaras, I've found that mascara wands with a more traditional bristle brush work best - these brushes aren't the ones with crazy spikey bristles or plastic bristles, just plain ol (regular?) bristles.  Here are my favorites & my one unfavorite.
Before I get t the volumizing I like to get to the separating.  After curling my lashes (with my elf $1 curler!), I use a CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion in brown-black to separate my lashes since it does have a plastic bristle wand.  This is the first step to my volumizing routine and I apply one or two coats.  This is the same mascara I use every day to separate.  Then I use different volumizing mascaras depending on my mood.
It's So Big Mascara - I got this mascara in a Birchbox (??) I believe & instantly fell in love.  I love small samples of mascara because they are perfect for precision application & for applying to the lower lash line.  Since the brush is so small & the bristles are so short I feel like I can really get the product on my lashes near the lash line with out the fear of getting mascara on my upper lid.  I hardly ever do a liner on the top of my lid - only the upper lash line - so with longer bristles I get dots of mascara on my lid.  I love this mascara because of the formula - it's a bit dryer so it doesn't take the curl from my lashes and it gives me slight volume (I think each of these have different grades for me!)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex - This was the first volumizing mascara I'd picked up from the drugstore & it's what got me into volume.  I wasn't intending on going for volume it just sort of happened.  This is one of the types of brushes I was talking about above - it's a bit too big & can sometimes leave dots on my upper lid.  But I like the brush because it applies product nicely over a bigger section of my eye.  I also think it gives great volume.  The formula is a bit wet at first but I've used this one for a bit & it's now at the right consistency.  I'd say if you're looking for volume from the drugstore this is your best bet.  I plan on repurchasing this one!
Pixie Last Boosting Mascara - This was another sample in either my Birchbox or Ipsy subscription (I should really keep track huh?) that I love for using on the lower lashes.  The brush is small so it's precise.  The formula on this one is right in the middle not too wet not too dry.  This one is great for travel & I like this one for on the go over the It's So Big.  I like the shape of the wand for upper & lower so I guess it would just be easier to bring rather than a few mascaras - one for upper & one for lower lashes.
Mally Volumizing Mascara - Again this was in a subscription box!  Pretty sure this one was Birchbox & it was the thing I was most excited about!  I don't know if this is full size but it sure looks like it!  I love that it's not a small sample & I can actually test out the product the way I would buy it.  The wand is super traditional - not too big, not too spikey.  I think this one gives me the most volume because the formula is so wet.  While that's not good for the curl of my lashes it's great for volume on the far side of my eyelashes.  I love this when I'm going for a more dramatic look.
Benefit Bad Gal Lash - I really wanted to love this one, I mean look at that wand.  And at first I did but after wearing it a few times I realized it flaked like crazy on me!  This is yet another sample from a subscription box, too!  I don't rub or poke my eyes often during the day because I don't want to all of a sudden have raccoon eyes, but this flaked just from blinking all day.  No bueno!  So while this one I think performs just like the Rimmel Lycra Flex, it's definitely an unfavorite.

If you're looking for volume & not length check these mascaras out!  I'm so glad I keep getting sent mascaras in my subscription boxes.  They have to be (on of) my favorite things to get.  If you're interested in getting more of your favorite things, sign up for Ipsy here.  You can take a style quiz to get things catered to your taste.  Birchbox will send you a fun assortment each month & if you like surprises each month, sign up here!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I just bought the Rimmel Scandaleyes and I really like it! Glad you reviewed it :)

  2. I think I'll try the Scandaleyes. The best mascara I've ever used (so far) was actually one from Mary Kay but it was close to $20... which while not totally unreasonable, still a bit more than I'd like to pay. Thanks for the reviews!


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