Buying Make Up // What to Look for in a Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

I've got another little video for you here today!  Pardon the lighting/quality in this video - I'm playing around with lighting since I don't have that great of a camera to film with.  Annnnnnndddd this video was filmed a week or so ago, so don't mind the talk of snow.  It's actually been raining like crazy here! And finally, sorry for the weird thumbnail - I changed it, but I don't think it stuck!
I love wearing neutral eyeshadow - I seriously go to it everyday.  It's easy, clean, and just plain great looking.  The key things I'm looking for in an eye shadow palette are mainly the shade range & range of finishes.  I want to get multiple eye looks with one palette & get the most bang for my buck.  I want to be able to pick up one palette to do my eyes - not two or three different palettes, single eyeshadows, etc.  You want to look for not just pretty colors but ask yourself it's its really something you're going to go to & use often.  This is what I do now that I know I'm looking for a range of shades & finishes in a palette.  My favorite form this video is the NYX Parisien Chic palette because it's small yet varies in shades & finishes enough to create different looks with a single palette.

I also talk about comparing what you want to what you already have - for example, I didn't pick up the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Matte palette because I knew I had an Elf Palette that I could get an all matte look from.  But I hardly ever do an all matte look!  I'm also thinking about ease of travel.  While I don't travel a lot it's nice to have your favorite things come with you with out bulking up your bag!

I'm turned off from palettes if they don't have a good range of matte transition or blending shades - shades to blend other colors from the eyelid to the crease - or palettes that are all shimmer or all matte.  One exception is the Sonia Kashuk Eye On Shimmer palette that just has the most beautiful shades!  I couldn't pass it up!  I also think the shades in the Eye On Shimmer palette are able to be used by themselves.  This palette I could use by itself just because the colors are great.

My recommendations:  Elf Neutral Eyeshadow palette at Walgreens, Elf Weekender palette, NYX Parisien Chic, Bare palette from Profusion at Walgreens (I found last year's edition & the shadows look the same for the same price at Dollar General)

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