4 Things I Absolutely Will Not Tolerate

The other day someone said something completely homophobic to me in a horribly joking way & with out skipping even a heart beat my mood changed and I said 'I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from using that term.'  That is some serious verbage there.  

Then on the morning show I listen to while driving to work, they were talking about one of the DJ's sister & here new boyfriend.  Well apparently, the DJ was getting a little cozy with the sister's boyfriend.  The theme of the segment was something like who do you know that you can't bring around your boyfriend.  This aggravated me because I can not stand when other women shut out or don't stand up for other women - you know what I mean?  

So while this seems like sort of a negative post, it's also about the things I believe in.  If that makes sense.  I've realized lately that I've been really feeling passionate about some new things recently - more than I would normally, or used to, care about.  So here's a list of things I absolutely will not tolerate no-way, no-how.

Homophobia - I really think that the statement you're not homophobic, you're just an asshole is true, but I will not stand for any sort of disrespectful language when referring to someone who is gay or, for that matter, any disrespectful language towards anyone in the LGBTQ community.  I just can't tolerate it.  It doesn't make you cool it makes you look like an ass.

Fat Shaming - My eyes were opened to this after following the lovely Rachelle from the Near Sighted Owl.  I love the way she stands up for her size & for others.  There is no right or wrong size, there is only health.  I avoid any youtube video, any article, anything that is going to shame me into feeling bad about the way I look.  We only get one life & we need to feel secure enough in living it.  It doesn't help to shame others.  Along with this I wont support any criticism that is geared towards changing your body.  Unless your health is in danger, it is of no consequence as to what anyone does with their body to any other person.  Unless it's something rad like you should totally dye your hair red, you could so pull it off.

Woman Shaming - I don't know how else to put this because this goes beyond (yet still includes) sexism, rape culture, and slut shaming.  It also includes the fact that so many women see other women as their enemies.  When someone takes your boyfriend is what I'm talking about.  While this goes into sexism, there is no reason for women to fight over a man - or fight over anything really.  The thing I'm talking about is when you are at a social event & you hear someone hating on the way another girl looks or using adjectives like slutty to describe someone.  (Oh, also I won't tolerate the word whore. Nope.)  There's just no reason to see other women as your enemy.  We already have so many enemies (yes, that statement was sexist but I don't know how to phrase it) we need to unite with each other to offer support & guidance.

Racism - Um, I still can't get this.  It's 2013. Are you kidding?  I don't really know what to say here because I feel like it's something we should be beyond by now.  But yeah, no to any racial slurs, innuendoes, etc.

These are just a few of the things that I'm realizing I can't tolerate in my everyday life, I will stand up for, & will not condone.  There's just no reason for being a jerk.  It must be so hard to be so hateful, you know?

What are somethings/ideas/beliefs that you stand up for?  What made you stand up for them?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. YES!!! 1,000 TIMES YES!!!

    I hate hate hate homophobia. Many people dear to me our gay, and I hate seeing my other friends saying they don't deserve the same rights as straight people. Last time I checked, we're all humans, so we all deserve the same rights.

    I hate fat shaming too. I'm fat. I was never teased in school for my weight, but I saw others who were, and it isn't right. Although I was deleted from someone's page for sticking up for thin people (she was a bigger girl) because my Mom is thin. I had tried explaining to this girl that if you're normally a size 2 without trying, and you jump to a size 6, it can be a lot of excess weight for you, the same way a person can go from a 16 to a 24 and that will make it a lot of extra weight. There is too much body shaming in general. I also hate the shaming that I've experienced from the fat community for wanting to lose weight for health reasons. It feels like I'm not accepted in that community, and I'm definitely not in the skinny camp.

    There is too much hate in the world. Have you noticed that racism is more prevalent in this area? I know that where I'm at, and from, and being so close to Gary, there was a LOT of racism, and when I was down at IU in Bloomington, there wasn't as much, and I feel like it is because of the area. Thoughts?

    Okay my novel of a comment is done. :)

    1. I totally get what you're saying about the shaming side about losing weight for health reasons. I think its one of those things (fat activism & body acceptance) that when it goes to far it can be shaming in itself. There's nothing wrong with being the size you are & if you feel that your health is in question you, too, needs support in your journey - you know what I mean? I think too many people take offense to things by forgetting that what you do with your body is fine for you & what they do with theirs is fine for them - which is the point of body acceptance, you know. As long as we are happy, healthy, proud, & supportive of others - that's what it's all about!

      I have noticed the racism is everywhere - and the bad thing is that where you think it's not, its usually the worst. The world is pretty weird for being in 2013!


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