Five Movies that Will Cheer Me Up No Matter What

I watch too many YouTube videos.  It's a fact.  And sometimes in watching these videos I just fall down the rabbit hole of the place that is YouTube.  Before you know it I'm watching clips/songs form Roger & Hamerstien's Cinderella - all three versions - and singing along.  When I was doing this the other night I realized how happy this movie made me.  So I thought about other movies that cheer me up & came up with the following list.  A lot of these movies remind me of the fall time & it wasn't until this year that I realized how much I really love fall (I know everybody loves fall).  Up here in Indiana we actually have seasons, I'm hearing back in VA that it's still about 70 degrees!  I'm loving the weather right now even though I don't really like cooler weather - it's just nice to have a real fall.  Anyway, onto the movies:
movies that make me happy

Hocus Pocus // Roger's & Hammerstein's Cinderella // The Wizard of Oz
Rocky Horror Picture Show // Marie Antoinette

I don't know how I'm going to watch Hocus Pocus this fall...I guess I should just suck it up & buy it!  Usually I just wait til I can bum some cable off a friend when it's on Disney or ABC Family.. I wonder if it will be on Netflix.  Hmmmmm....

What are your feel good movies?

xoxo, Moe

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