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Wow!  The elusive creature known as the Boost Your Blog Series has peeked out from the bushes to give you another glimpse at it!  What am I talking about, I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind - in fact I'm positive.  Well, it's a new season (nearly) and it's a fresh new start for your Fall blogging!  So I thought I'd share a few resources online - some old but a few new - that may help in your quest for better blogging!

An oldie but a goodie.  Great for blog buttons, headers, graphics, collages, photo editing, etc.  A good old standby that has a load to offer for free.  Though the price for a year of the Royale feature gives you access to a lot more.  I love that each season they add more & more fonts, clipart, textures, it's pretty cool!
Polyvore has been around for ages & it's gotten better and better.  Create really awesome collages for your blog, gain collage inspiration, etc.  Want to do something different? Create a collage of your favorite things from Polyvore for your blog header!  Just align items in a thiner line rather than using the whole canvas.  Overlay some fonts, there you go.  Here's a simple tutorial for using Polyvore to create collages for your blog.
Grab Button Generator
If you're not into coding like it's your job - really, simple things aren't that hard - there's a great grab button generator here.  Put in your web address, the url to your button image & voila - copy & paste into a widget on your blog.  No fancy coding needed.
This is a great resource to create your own blog background patterns, play around with color, etc.  But if you sign up for Creative Market you'll have access to a marketplace of fun fonts, clipart, overlays, textures, etc.  You'll also get an email each week of new things & things offered for free!  A great way to spruce up your blog layout!
Etsy is a great resource if you're looking for someone to design your blog or affordable clip art for a series or designing your blog yourself.  You can also find a lot of pre-made layouts that you can spruce up yourself.  Remember to play nice though - a blog post giving credit to the shops you use would be an awesome way to pay if forward!

All of these resources can make your blog look awesome. Test your design skills by playing around with elements yourself or use places like Etsy or the Creative Market to find creative people to help you realize your blog layout dream.

How do you refresh your blog every few months?  How do you keep your content/design fresh?

xoxo, Moe

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