Trend Tuesday // My 5 Favorite Nail Polishes for Summer

I can not believe we are into July already! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?  I just can't handle it!  Recently I've been reaching for the same bright colors in both my nail colors & my clothes.  Surprise Surprise...they are my blog colors.  When I gathered these polishes together, I nearly died.  I totally didn't mean to do this! I actually just sat down & picked out the ones on the top of my basket that I've used the most!
I do want to say, before I go into the colors, that the best (best, best, best!) top coat E V E R is the Do It All Top Coat from Icing.  Now that their website is shoppable you can totally pick it up right now.  It is seriously the best, ever. Period. No question!
The first color I want to mention is the L'Oreal nail color in Versailles Romance.  This is a great peachy-pink nude color and perfect for a subtle look.  It is a great color if you're not too keene on bright & bold.  This is actually a part of the L'Oreal Spring Collection but I bought mine a year or so ago.  They must have re -released it!
The next is a bright, bright Barbie pink color in Jackie Oh! by Studio M.  Studio M is a Meijer brand & the new colors for the summer are all bright & neon.  I totally dig this color & it dries to a more matte finish which is pretty cool.  I love the bright pop this has.  It just makes me think of fun beach days.
This peachy orange is one from Icing last year.  I love Icing nail polishes because they truly are chip resistant.  The brush for the polish is rather thick as well.  Their nail polishes are just all around great!  This one is in Peach Sangria but I don't think you will be able to find it since it was out last summer.  But two similar colors are Wet n Wild Wild Shine Polish in Blazed & Wet n Wild Megalast Polish in Club Havana.  Great peachy orange colors.
This next one is one of my faves!  It changes color in the sun!  This one is Gypsy by Ruby Wing.  When you're inside or not in the sun, the polish is the perfect shade of minty teal.  So perfect.  But then in the sun it turns to a gorgeous apple green.  The two colors are just the perfect shades.  I've been looking for just the right shade of mint & this hits the spot.  The fact that the apple green color is nice too is such a bonus!
Finally, this is an unexpected color for Summer: a blue gray.  I was torn between including a black and a gray but I went with the grey because it's a bit softer.  I've been loving these unexpected colors for summer...just keeps you ahead of the trends, you know.  You're a bit bolder & do what you want!  This one is L'Oreal as well in Greycian Goddess.  I think I got this either last fall or the fall before so you might not be able to find these in stores either! But I did find them on Amazon.
So there you have it, my 5 most reached for polishes this summer!  I'm loving having a different color on my nails every week.  Icing's Do It All Top Coat really helps me pull of a manicure for an entire week & I highly recommend it!


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  1. I'm loving corals, pinks and mints this Summer for my nails! So glad you have several in your top 5! It just looks so summery and fresh. What are your thoughts about OPI's Nail Growth? Have you used that at all? I use it as a base coat before I put any polish on, but I've still been looking for a great top coat. I'll have to try your suggestion!

    1. I haven't tried OPI's nail growth...my nails are peeling up something bad....I think I need more of a certain vitamin! Icing's top coat is amazing though. :)


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