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We all have our standard places we go for bloggy & creative inspiration.  Whether it be one of your favorite blogs, a website like pinterest, or flipping through a creative magazine we all know what gets our creative juices flowing.  But where do you turn when your normal well of inspiration suddenly dries up?  Where do you turn when your daily dose of inspiration just turns into the same old same old?  Whether you're looking to get creative with a DIY, looking to reorganize, or just need something new to spice up your life here are three places you can look when you can't find what you're looking for:

Instagram - Instagram is a great app for sharing your daily life through photos, documenting your cats, your Starbucks cups, & your dinner but did you know it can be a great source of inspiration?  See there are these things - I know you've heard of them - called hashtags and while for the most part they are for things like #yolo & #sorrynotsorry sometimes they are more helpful.  Looking for outfit or fashion inspiration? Navigate to the little explore button on the bottom of the app - it looks like a star - & search related hastags like #ootd, #fashion, #trends, #summer2013, #whatimwearing, etc.  Create new ones, search whatever the heck you like because you know it's got a hashtag!  Looking for make up storage inspiration? Search #organization, #makeup, #makeupcollection, etc - you know that's what I've been searching!

YouTube - Instead of watching hilarious cat videos on YouTube you could be putting your video watching skills to work to learn a new skill.  Learn how to rewire a lamp, create cool effects in photoshop, create a smokey eye look, build a tree house, plant a garden, to knit or crochet, etc, etc.  The best part about YouTube vids are the suggestions in the side bar.  You'll fall down a rabbit hole of inspiration & before you know it you'll be a master of a new skill.  You'll also find a lot of cool people who also learned the thing they are teaching you from YouTube.

Craftgawker (and Weddinggawker, and Dwellinggawker, and Foodgawker, and Stylegawker) - I know these sites are well known but for me I just found myself going back to them for inspiration.  Usually I head to Pinterest because it's social - I can see what my friends are pinning.  But since all the -gawkers are curated you get the best of the best.  I don't know about you but sometimes Pinterest just shows me a bunch of things that I'm not really into & pins that are, well, a bit lack luster.  But since the -gawker sites are curated you're getting quality tutorials, quality images, & quality inspiration.  I try to take it with a grain of salt though because it is curated so don't be intimidated by the seemingly perfect life the bloggers/etc in the links lead!

Where do you turn when you can't find that little inspiring spark you're looking for?
xoxo, Moe

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  1. I loved your Youtube suggestion. I've been trying to learn a lot more skills that will come in handy when Jordan and I buy our own home. It's opened up a world of ideas I never thought of!

  2. I credit YouTube for teaching me how to knit and crochet so that's definitely a good suggestion. :) As much as I love Instagram, I don't normally look up hashtags, maybe I'll try that next time I'm in a slump.


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