Boost Your Blog // Three iPad Apps for Summer Photo Blogging

A bit ago I shared with you some really fun apps for your iphone to spice up your photos.  This week I want to share with you three apps for your iPad to help with your summer photo blogging! While each of those iPhone apps you can download to your iPad, the following apps work awesome with an iPad & a stylus!  If you want to create collages, doodles, or draw over photos, these apps are for you:

DropBox - Let's be real....no one carries around their iPad taking pictures of things.  You'll look like a crazy person.  So all of my photos get transfered between my phone, computer, & iPad through DropBox.  I posted a while ago about this god awful process of how I get my photos to my computer to edit....with DropBox it's super easy.  So set that up & when you're out & about taking pictures with your phone it will be super simple to transfer them to your iPad to use in the awesome apps below.

Sketchbook Express/Pro - Love to doodle but want to have your doodles digital? Try this app recommended to me by the lovely Near Sighted Owl, a screen shot of the app is below.  You can draw effortlessly with different layers, colors, brushes, etc.  This app is perfect because you can digitally doodle while you're on the go.  You can even draw over photos.  I created multiple layers over a photo to create this create doodled little postcard for sale here.

PicsArt - Another doodle app but it does a bit more.  You can doodle over photos or doodle on a blank canvas.  You can also create collaged to edit & apply effects.  Import from your camera roll or take a photo.  Using Dropbox is a great way to get your photos around with out having to plug in your phone.   So if you're on vacation & have been snapping pictures with your phone, when you're back in the hotel taking a break to compose your thoughts you can bring your photos together to create blog-worthy collages in a snap.  This is a great all in one app.

Pro Tip: Don't have a stylus?  Use the eraser end of a pencil!  Sweet deal!

I can't wait to play around with all of these apps more to create cool collages & awesome doodles.  If you're looking for more Boost Your Blog articles, click here!

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