Wednesday Decor // Top of Dresser Floral Vignette

I've always been inspired by the Baroque & Rococo movement in both architecture and art.  In fact one of my favorite movies - mainly because it's pretty in that way- is Sofia Coppala's Marie Antoinette that released in 2006. I especially love this movie because of the mix of modern thrown in - converse sneakers in a scene & modern music at a masquerade ball.  I watched it the other day while I was working on blog stuff & feel back in love with the pastel, the florals, and the overall fantasy & over-the-top decor that is depicted in the movie.
Look at all that pretty decor.
Now that it's getting to be spring I'm beginning to dig on pastels & florals and was trying to come up with a way to incorporate the luxury of this 18th century movement in a way that wouldn't make Zach feel like he was living in an easter egg palace.  Our bedroom is where this sort of Rococo inspired idea comes into play.  We've got a black & white damask pattern comforter paired with royal purple sheets.  Not too pastel right?  I've been searching for a way to add more creative yet classic elements that both Zach & I like.  We've got more modern furniture - dresser all in black with clean lines - but also have a mix or more traditional designs in our night stands & my vanity.  The legs for our DIY bedframe (that hopefully we'll get to here shortly!) are more rounded & formal looking if you will.  The next part of the bedroom I believe is tackling the closet doors - they are a light brown & don't match anything at all!!

While perusing Meijer the other day, I think I was in there with no intention of visiting the craft section (but you know how that goes), I found some really awesome fake flowers on sale (the central purple one in the second photo).  I started off with no intention of creating a huge bouquet but once I got home I realized that a vase with only 7 flowers looked sort of lame.  So back out I went to Hobby Lobby to check out their selection of flowers.

I've always shied away from fake flowers because they look like, well, fake flowers.  But from being in Hobby Lobby over the time we've been here has led me to see that there are very good quality fake flowers out there - at a price.  The ones I like are made of a sort of foam & not made of fabric or plastic like yet don't look too plastic-y (that makes no sense right?)  These high quality flowers are also high in price.  I missed the half off flower sale but some of the stems I grabbed were on clearance so I think that made up for it (a bit).

I love the real look of this bouquet!  I sort of had a classic idea in my head - full & with some overhanging plumes.  Channelling this Rococo movement but bringing it a bit modern with colors & a sleek black vase.  I stuck to incorporating a deep purples, pastel purples, whites, & a bit of black.  I found some really pretty white flowers with a black-ish purple center to bring a little depth.  Moving away from bright colors but on a more of a pastel look really helped lighten up the space.

This little vignette is on our tall dresser.  The top also serves as blanket storage now that it's getting warmer.  I plan on making a few more blankets as a little bit of an accent here in the near future.  I'm trying to pull in bits we already have in our collections just to get the most out of the stuff we love.
I kept it a bit whimsical with my gnome lamp (love him!) and incorporated some of Zach's old bottles & one of our cameras.  Now that I'm looking at it, the camera might go but that's what's so great about collections - moving things around as you please!  Like an ever rotating exhibit.  I feel like I may add & take away quite a bit before I'm super satisfied.  I'm thinking I'd like to have a mirror there as well....our room only has one window...so mirrors might be a great touch to bring in the light!

I can't wait to give you a full tour of the house but I'm so happy to share with you little sneak peaks here & there.

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Adding flowers to the room really livens it up. I'm trying to get better at decorating.

    I don't remember converse in a scene. Now, I have to watch it again.

    I've been to Versailles and it's absolutely beautiful and massive. We were there for hours and still didn't make it to Marie's portion.


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