Fun Beauty Must Haves for Spring (and Maybe Summer!)

I may have mentioned before that I do this thing where I get really into make up - nail polish, hair, lip stick, etc - and then all of a sudden I just don't give a crap any more.  Well I'm in one of my upswings where I can't believe I ever lived with out some of these beauty products.  Seriously...I'm in love with all of these products & really can't wait for the warm weather to stay so I can go out & show them off!  Maybe it's the cold but I do feel like I've been hibernating for the past few months but I also think that I was in a little slump right there at the end of my unemployment (I was struggling emotionally & had been offered a job I would have been ashamed to work, honestly.  Thankfully I pulled it together to find a job I'm proud of) - I just didn't care how I looked and that made me not really care about myself.  But now that the world is brighter here so are the colors in my life.  Here are some of my warm weather beauty must haves:

A fresh face!  I've mentioned before that I really love products that work together.  I got the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid cleansing system in the Sweet Heart Vox Box from Influenster & fell in love! Shine Free all day!  I just picked up the Statin Finish moisturizer but I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.  I included it because I do like it, it makes my face feel nice, but I think it might just not be right for me.  I'll keep using it though, maybe I'm just being weird.

To keep my face fresh, I usually pair my cleansing routine with Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer25 hour foundation, & Stay Matte Pressed Powder but just recently I picked up Rimmel's BB cream in light & medium.  I picked up both shades because they were a BOGO deal at the drugstore and so I could blend them as I get sun on my face throughout the spring & summer.  I've heard all the hype about a BB cream, I still don't exactly know what it's all about but I like this one by Rimmel.  It has good coverage & blends well.  Since I have really uneven skin I tend to opt for a more full coverage foundation & really thought this would be on the tinted moisturizer side but it isn't!  So far my face feels great all through the day, no oiliness.  I usually don't wear blush...just add a little natural color to my face with some bronzer, nothing special.  I also tend to keep it natural by just throwing on some mascara, nothing special there either!

You already know about my obsession with the Maybeline Vivids collection but I turn to two colors most often: Shocking Coral (pictured) & Fuchsia Flash.  Lovely spring colors with out being too ridiculous for work!  I shy away from some of the colors because I'm just too shy to wear them.  But the whole collection sure looks great in my make up drawer!
I'm in love with my new flexible rod curlers!  They give more of a wave than a curl & I really like it!  This look is best on day two hair for me.  The first day looks too precise but second day & on it looks much more tousled and beach wavy.  But I still can't decide between curls & waves.  This past week I fell back on my good old foam curlers & fell in love again.  I think I'll keep switching it up here & there.

Colorful Nails & Soft Hands (Elbows, Knees, & Toes) are important for warm weather!  My mom always used this Neutrogena hand cream & now that we're coming out of winter it's the greatest formula for any left over dry skin from winter.  I also like to use this with my manicure sometimes.  Speaking of manicures I just found these awesome nail polishes at Meijer the other day!  They change colors in the sun!  And they aren't lame UV polishes either.....mint to an apple green & coral to a deeper red.  They look good both ways! Currently I'm wearing the mint Gypsy color but also have Sand Dune & Lilac not pictured.  As always, my favorite base & top coat from Icing is key to my manicures.  This base & top coat really seals my manicure & it doesn't chip all week!  I recently tried out a new base coat after seeing a pin on Pinterest but it totally chipped the same day I did my nails.  The whole nail color just peeled off.  Not cool.

I'm loving the warm weather & can't wait to make the most of the sun shine!

What are your warm weather beauty must haves?

xoxo, Moe

ps.  some links in this post are affiliate links but I love each of these products, just so you know.

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  1. I should hire you as my skincare consultant because my face is getting out of control and I feel like what I have isn't helping my face much. =/

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