Make it Monday // Adventures in Planting Herbs

I don't quite have a green thumb...mainly the color of my thumb is lazy when it comes to gardening.  Zach & I sorta missed the window on planting the garden outside we'd planned on doing.  When it comes to yard work, gardening, landscaping, etc I don't even want to think about it.  Though, I am a little motivated to start planting in our litte front garden thing in the front of the house....maybe next weekend if I can keep up the motivation!  That seems a lot more plausible for me to do than raking & mowing & the like.....sheesh, not for me.
But I did want to get some of the seeds we picked up into some dirt.  We did grab a few herbs & herb mixes with the intention of planting a little herb garden type deal under the skylight in the kitchen.  We've got a lot of counter space & I'm determined to keep it free of clutter but still utilized.  I love our counter space because I can have all the kitchen gadgets out & not tucked away in the cabinets.  We use them so much more now! (Check our kitchen essentials here)  So in my burst of creativity yesterday I headed to the store picked up some pots & soil, then set to work.
I haven't planted anything since probably like the 3rd grade...but between that & watching my grandma and mom plant flowers over the years, I'm sorta confident my whole dirt - sprinkle seeds - dirt - water it process is how you do it!  I can't wait to see how these grow, especially the assortment packs.  I hope they look good & taste yummy!  So I'll be testing my watering skills here as I try to remember to water them everyday or so.  I seriously want to add a lot of plants to our home...so I guess I need to invest in a watering can :)
We were thinking of planting a bunch of vegetables in the raised bed behind the house but that didn't work out too well.  I've seen a few people doing a little container garden (namely Elsie Blaha Cripe on her blog here).  I'm thinking that this may be an adventure for our deck or patio next year rather than a full fledged garden in the ground.  Breaks it off in pieces for me & I'm less intimidated!
I do want to start prettying up the front of the house so I guess I'll get off my lazy butt & do it....next weekend :)  Hopefully we can get some nice outdoor furniture & make the most of the outdoors now that it's warmer.  Who knows...maybe I'll start working on this little project after work this week...maybe.  I really want to...but I'm just so intimidated!

Anyone have any planting tips?  How do you not half complete your yard work?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I've learned over the years not the bite off more than I can chew. We gardening it's easy to get crazy ambitious and enthusiastic, but it's better to start slow. Map out the backyard, look up what you want to grow and research it's growing conditions and plant them accordingly. (Shade-lovers in shady spots, sun lovers in bright ones, etc.)

    For the herbs, if you have a patio out back it'd recommend setting them out there. Herbs can grow indoors but I often find they get really leggy in indoor light, they're big sun lovers and seekers. The terracotta pots you bought are gorgeous but bet sure to keep the plants sufficiently moist as terracotta leaches moisture from the soil and absorbs it into itsself. Also, the herbs, especially the basil, will outgrow the pot rather quickly.

    E-mail me if you have any other specific questions. It's excited to start gardening and food made with fresh herbs picked from the garden cannot be beat!

  2. once you get the hang of it gardening is fast/easy.

    my raised bed isn't planted yet because i had to spray weeds and i need to turn over the soil. but normally we buy plant starts anyways so its not bad. i did my own starts this year with peet moss. they are ready to be planted in the soil. if only i was ready. its taking longer than i want because i injured myself a few weeks ago so i can't do the pitch fork thing. and the weather wasn't nice for spraying the weeds. hopefully that will all be done this week though.


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