Boost Your Blog // 4 Ways to Pay it Forward in Blogging

In this blogging community there are a zillion individuals trying to peak out from the masses & stand out from the crowd.  It's hard not to get caught up in the race.  Getting caught up in advertising, tweeting, & promoting yourself can get daunting and be intimidating when you start to think of how much work you could do.  But then on the flip side - no one really likes a person that talks about themselves all the time.

Sometimes I get caught up in this How can I advertise more? How can I get more sales? Tweet, pin, promote! cycle, I take a step back.  I've realized that I feel better about myself when I'm interacting with others.  I feel better about what I'm bringing to the table when I'm paying it forward.  Today I want to share with you 4 ways you can pay it forward with brands & blogs you love.  The more you interact, the more others interact with you!  I try to do these 4 things whenever I can, because everyone likes to find awesome stuff floating around the internet & everyone loves to see their own work being promoted by awesome people!

Retweet, retweet - Whenever I'm on twitter, which isn't too often these days (sadface), I retweet the things I love.  Retweeting shop updates, cool posts, interesting articles, giveaways, etc spreads the word around.  It literally takes 3 seconds to hit retweet & you open up this opportunity or awesome info to all your followers.  You love when others retweet you & that drives people to your social pages...so pay it forward & help others gain exposure!

Round up Posts - I love the Fan Friday feature on Five Sixteenths.  These are great because not only do they reveal the things you like but, just like retweeting, gives exposure to others!  Make sure you give proper credit & go the step further by letting the bloggers you've included know that they're one of your favorite things this week!  It's great when you do this with out incentive too, but you can pay it forward with your sponsors by including something you love from their blog/shop too.

Offer up Guest Post Slots - Guest posting is a great way to offer up a way for your fellow bloggers to get involved on your blog & reach to your readership.  You can advertise that you're looking for guest posters or even contact some active reader/bloggers on your blog if you think they've got something awesome to offer.  Contacting them directly is a great way to show that you appreciate their participation & love what they have to offer.

Button/Ad Swaps - Consider adding a sponsorship option that involves a swap instead of paid advertisement.  It doesn't have to be a huge deal on your page with loads of perks, but even the smallest spot on a huge blog will generate a little bit of traffic.....I think that I'm going to add a specific swap option to my sponsorships when I revamp them here soon!

Paying it forward is just nice, isn't it?  I hope this inspires you to get involved with your readers & blog reach - I know I need to get back to focusing on interacting & responding!  Let's both keep each other responsible, ok! :)

Do you offer any other sort of pay it forward option through your blog?  Let me know, I'm dying for ideas!

xoxo, Moe

ps.  It's been a loooong while since I did a Boost Your Blog post, it all ended in October!!  I'm gonna get back on that!

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  1. We must be thinking along the same lines! I just launched a new revamp on one of my stationery lines in my etsy shop and next on my list was to look into ad swapping and start working on some blog improvements.

    But I was just in a middle of a post (a new series) about link round-ups and I was trying to find some articles that touched my heart. And what do you know, here is yours that touches almost everything I'm thinking of lately! :) Including that link round-up. :)

    I've been on twitter lately and it still confuses me to this day. I find it more for celebritys and I still can't seem to get into the flow of tweeting/twitter. I guess I haven't found people that actually use it, all I find is people trying to promote themselves like a virtual business card. I tried to find great unqiue people but all I find is a bunch of articles where people are just writing content to gain exposure, they aren't writing content that is unique. You know what I mean? I feel like twitter is just full of spammers. Sorry, I guess that's why I feel so lost using it. :)

  2. Lately I've been feeling like I haven't had much to say on Twitter that's not promoting Etsy or my blog so I've just been retweeting a lot and sharing pins on Pinterest. Something I've been doing more of and I'm really enjoying it is responding to comments on my blog, sometimes I end up having full blown discussions on there.


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