Being Sick Sucks

Soooooo...........lately I've been sick...which sucks!! I don't think anyone likes being sick, but I really don't like being sick!!  Part of it is because it's a huge waste of time & part of it is that being sick means I will inevitably have an assortment of fever induced, cold medicine stimulated hallucinations/dreams.  For the most part they are harmless & just weird - like thinking I'm answering the phone at work to believing that I am a cake, asleep in my bed where I can't turn over because my layers will fall off (yeah, I dream that!).  But this past sickness a lot of my dreams were rather scary!  I blame that on watching American Horror Story Asylum over the weekend & falling asleep to Doctor Who.

I also don't like being sick because it means I walk around like a zombie for a week dropping tissues everywhere I go.  Wearing mix matched socks, a robe, an assortment of pajama parts depending on if I'm hot or cold, & toting some sort of medicine.....Sickness is just not pretty :)

On Wednesday I had to take off of work (which I dont' like to do) because I felt like so much crap & had a fever - this is the day I had the dream I was a cake.  I slept all day & have to say Thursday (today) I feel so much better!  It's insane how just rest can fix you up!  Zach ended up making me some delicious soup with mushrooms & onions which helped as well.

Anyway...just wanted to share with you why it's been quite this week after my quazi come back last week.  Here's to no more colds!

Happy Thursday!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Hope you feel better soon, me and the boy both came down with an epic case of the colds last week, was nasty!

  2. I'm sorry Friend. :( Get well soon!


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