Fan Friday #90

Another week down!  This weekend our bookshelf is coming & we are going to finish up the house if it kills us.  I swear! Finally we can begin unpacking!  I'm hoping that next weekend we can get our desks built & then we'd really be done.  My goal is no more boxes by June.  You know those little leftover boxes of stuff you don't need so you keep them packed saying you'll unpack them later? Then a year passes & you still haven't?  Well, that's not happening.  If I don't need it, it's being donated!  I also might open back up the online yard sale like I did ages ago before the move.  Sort of a shop my closet + home sale deal.

Any way, this week was totally productive: more things went into the shop, blogs were designed, photos were taken, inventory was shot.  It was a good week.  Here's what I'm loving:

Spotted Moth has been a long time favorite shop of mine.  If only I lived in California I could head out to their brick & mortar!  This Bonnie Lass dress has me dreaming of Summer.  The sale section has me drooling, too.

I wonder how Zach would feel about this little detail on the shower curtain? It it manly to add ribbons to shower curtains? Maybe I can do this in the guest bathroom downstairs :)
(the link for this was broken, but I believe it's from etsy? If you know, please share!)

This quote is awesome.  Goes a lot with my love of If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough and Ever tried, ever failed.  No matter. Try again, fail again.  Fail better.

These are the types of shelves I want to have under my desk.  I want to line two side by side at each end & lay a large board on top.  Is that too homemade? Do you think it will look too tacky?  I'm gonna have a long desk......but I want to to be open & have storage.....I think this is a good solution.
JC Penny has always had my heart & their new Fair & Square advertising makes me even more happy. While I've noticed that their stores have gone down in inventory since the switch & they have a better selection online, that doesn't stop me from hitting the clearance rack.  Which is what I did with a gift card the other day.  I picked up a few good transition pieces from Winter to Spring & ones I know I'd wear from Summer into Fall next year.  That top above (found here) was one of my favorite finds.  $10 at that!
I have an idea for the bathroom I need to run by the other decorator in house: Succulents!  I really want to put a lot of greenery in the bathroom.  Is that weird?  We have a black & white theme going on that I think a bunch of greenery will add to.  I'm thinking really serene looking.  I'm also thinking fern like plants, too.  We've got dark green, marble like floors.  I really think it will look awesome! 
(again, no link! If you know where it's from please share!)

Link Love
++ This post on using Storenvy got a lot of feed back.  I thought I'd put together a list of the shops so you can check 'em out:
++ This story about the weeping angels in Doctor Who.  So creepy.  I tried to watch Blink the other day & I couldn't get but 5 minutes into the episode.  Them angels are scary! ++

++ I am anxiously waiting on a Vox Box from Influenster.  I've never gotten anything like it before!  Influenster is really neat & I need to get on there more to write reviews! ++

++ You know how I love me some Picmonkey, right? Well I found their blog yesterday & there is an awesome how-to on adding watermarks to your photos.  You don't  have to have all of this crazy equipment to take you're blog to the next level, Picmonkey is perfect! ++

Anyway, have a wonderful & safe weekend!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Oh! Creating succulent terrariums is kind of my thing! I have a set of tutorials and inspiration posts on Little Big, if you are interested. :)


    1. Oh wow!! Yeah, I'll go check it out :) Thanks :)

  2. i love influenster! i've gotten two boxes. nothing lately though. thanks for sharing my link! that was a nice surprise. :)

  3. I'm glad yours was productive! I filled some Etsy orders and did a lot of pain-staking maintenance.

  4. Someone on design on a dime did a desk like that with an old door as the top of the desk! It was super cute.




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