Currently // 02.06.13

This week I traveld with Zach to Wisconsin.  A cool part of his job is all the traveling he does, but it's also sad to have him not around for a few days.  It's great when I get to go with him & we haven't traveled together since before we moved.  So this week has been an extremely happy one.

Currently, I'm working from a huge king size bed & watching actual TV.  This TV includes a lot of Syfy channel, Food Network, & afternoon talk shows.  Wonderful guilty pleasures.
Currently, I'm working on a blog design upgrade.  A popular design option in the shop is the most affordable customized option: the Mix & Match Premade Upgrade.  This package is $80 & includes 3 upgrades to a premium template (any template over $45).  I worked with Amanda of Cool Living to upgrade the Hello Dotty design & am now working with Kat of Unbecoming.  I love this option because you can get a custom look.

Currently, I'm thinking about adding more blog designs to the shop.  I'm wondering why some are more successful than others & how I can replicate that success.  I'm wondering if I should add more color variations but I still think the color palette upgrade is the best solution to this.  Completely custom colors no one else will have is a great alternative!

Currently, I'm thinking about my business & the future.  I'm wondering if this is something I can continue long term or if this is just something I'm doing now.  I'm trying to make decisions that will affect the long term & trying to grow to ensure my creativity isn't lost just to my twenties.  
Currently, I'm downloading all my photos from my phone to my computer so I can update it.  I'm so lazy with that & never get rid any photos.  I haven't updated any apps on my phone in ages.  It's a wonder they even function.

Currently, I'm working on my 5 Happy Things.  Traveling with Zach wasn't on the list but it sure has made me happy this week!  I may walk down to the Wal-Greens & pick up some of those lipstick colors I mentioned.  With my recent love of wearing red lipstick I think I'm finally comfortable to step out of my comfort zone even more.  Plus wearing around just for the sake of wearing it around is pretty fun too.

What are you currently up to?

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  1. I love just hanging in hotels when I travel. I love traveling. I can't wait to go somewhere soon!


  2. I think your should keep up your blog and your business's as a long term thing. I'm 30 and one thing I learned is that I kept going back to my creative outlet, designing. You do have something going on here, and I think you should keep at it. :) What part of your business is more successful? Is it your vintage items, your graphic design, or your stationery? Whatever has been more of a success means you're really good at it and should grow it.


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