Trend Tuesday // Geometry Class

Spring semesters of classes have begun for many this week & while I'm not in school any more, I'm getting so much inspiration from angled geometric patterns.  These patterns remind me of tessellations & elementary school worksheets involving finding the area of triangles.  Did you know that before studying art my major in college was math?  I had no fun staring at white boards in the library all day, so I traded my calculator for a kiln.  My love of math still exists, though!

I'm experimenting with a few angular geometric designs for the stationery shop but here's how I'd love translate everything angular into my life:

Geometry Class

ONE - Sweet angular Valentine's day print from Bate's Mercantile Co. would look great above my desk.  I can't wait to have a space to store all my inspiration!

TWO - It's been freeeeezzing cold up here & even snowed on Sunday so I've been wrapped up in a printed heart sweater from Forever 21 but I'd kill for a big, warm geometric sweater!  I've never been the sweater type, but moving up north has definately sold me on their usefulness.  I don't care how dumb they make me look!

THREE - I've already got myself a heated blanket but this geometric print fleece blanket is pretty awesome.  It would brighten up even the coldest winter!

FOUR - I'd love to create something like this out of clay.  The yellow color would be awesome for winter.  For some reason I've always thought that yellow & cobalt were great winter colors.  Too bad it's sold out here.

FIVE - These pretty earrings come in a variety of colors from Hannah Zakari.  I love their simplicity & they remind me of pie charts.  Is that weird?

What are you drawing inspiration from this week?

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  1. I've seen that geometric sweater all over Pinterest. irresistibly beautiful!

  2. It's freezing here too! :S And I have subscribed and read your blog for a long while but just commented the first time ever now :) Btw, why your reply didn't show up here?


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