Sum up Sunday #65

Apparently it's been quite a while since I did a Sum up Sunday post.  I like doing these little posts because it's more of a journal entry for me.  It's the little things that aren't really exciting but add up to a lot at the end of the week.  I like to keep the blog a bit personal too, so I can look back on my journey as a whole.  Sum up Sundays also keep me on track with what I should have done this week & what I actually did!  I also just kinda brainstorm what I'll be up to over the next week (or month even!)

This week was filled with painting & photographing.  We've got quite a few vintage items that are heading into the shop today...I just need to measure them, & then into the shop they will go!  Yesterday I discovered that Zach is the master of spread sheets as we created a spreadsheet for the vintage shop with prices, fees, profits, etc.  It was nice to finally have it all in one place!  I also need to photograph things for the Five One Six shop (which still isn't officially open!) but I'm having a hard time doing so.  I'm not sure what the best way to photograph the blankets is.....all the images just look dumb!  I think I'm going to bring a chair downstairs to photograph with.  I'd really like to get some things in that shop today too.

Working on adding some great little things to the Stationery Shop too!  I was delighted to see someone picked up a sheet of the Lovely Mail Stickers.  They come in circles & rectangles.  I'm working on adding more designs, too!  You'll soon be able to purchase them as stamps & little postcards to include in packages as thank you notes.  Snail mail never looked so good!

I also finished up an upgraded blog design, I don't believe the client has installed it yet, but I'll share when she does!  I'm going to go through a bit of a design process post on the STUDIO blog so you can get a better idea of how working with me...well....works.  I'm also going to be working on adding some fun personalizing elements to the design shop like social network icons & sidebar titles, some fonts, and maybe some clip art.  I love the little rotation I get on when working on the shops.  I'll probably have some more blog designs in the shop by March.

It's been freezing here & every morning there is a fresh little bit of snow on the ground.  It was nice the first time....now I'm just grumpy when it's cold.  One of my good friends from college is getting married in July (hello warm weather!) & this week I need to locate a shop that has the dress so I can go try it on.  It's really pretty & mine is in orange.

I'll also be working on the February Newsletter this week.  It will go out either this week or next, so you should sign up here if you haven't yet!  In this one you'll receive a lovely Valentine's Day inspired printable....but it will be perfect for all year round.

And finally, Rachele of the Nearsighted Owl shared with me the drawing app she uses on her iPad.  Turns out I had the express version but went ahead & purchased the pro version.  The app is Sketchbook Pro.  I tested out my drawing capabilities & created a little illustrated Moe for the blog.  I don't think it's perfect but I'm going to keep practicing.  I alos love the little vintage drawing I did (available as a post card) & am currently working on a drawing of our house!

Happy Sunday!

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