Fan Friday #86

This week was spent painting the downstairs & guess what.....it's all done.  The painting that is.  The laminate flooring will be delivered today & has to sit in the house for a week to get acclimated.  How picky is this laminate flooring?!?!  Also, Zach heard back that our custom bookshelf is on it's way to being built.  I can't wait to get the couch out of the dinning room & all the crap out of the upstairs!  I've found a lot that I love this week:

I found my favorite mustache mug, gifted to me from a friend online the other day.  So if you need some interesting mustaches in your life I can now direct you where to find it!

This cool tote bag DIY from Oh the Lovely Things with free downloads to make your own!

Love this pencil holder DIY from 11 Eureka.  I can't wait to have a desk of my own!  I'm gonna decorate it with so much stuff!

Link Love
++ This house tour on the Plumed Nest.  I love house tours!  Little peaks at little corners & colorful details get me every time! I am also in love with the blog design. ++

++ Free Shipping until Sunday (world wide, woot woot!) in the print shop! ++

++ Um WHAT!?!?! ARM KNITTING!??!?! you should go learn how right now! ++

++ Surprisingly I've discovered I love wine! What a grown up right? Ever since I was offered a glass at Katie's over the holidays, suddenly it's awesome!  Our wine rack is full but I think we need some wine stoppers, this one & this one are perfect! ++

++ These Calypso Wood Bangles have me dreaming of Summer weather.  It's snowed all week & I really just want it to be warm already!  Back home we'd be coming out of winter not going into it by now now! ++

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