Fan Friday #84

Well it's Friday (Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday....) & this weekend we'll be painting the downstairs.  Can I get a woop woop? All of it will be white since I have a fear of playing with color.  My fear is that I will hate it!  The weekend is also for laundry & cleaning, I'm not excited about that.

Here are a few things I'm loving this Friday:

I've spent a good chunk of the first part of this new year working on the Stationery Shop.  I've wanted to go into trying my hand at creating wedding invitations & other stationery for a while.  Since this year is all about focusing on the details that I seem to leave out, I've been working on developing something that relies on parts - multiple colors, multiple sections, etc - to create a complete look & I think I'm doing rather well!  There's still some work to do product wise, but I had fun coding it.  Surprisingly, Zazzle's layout is pretty cool.  You can check out the shop here.  My favorite products so far are the Valentine's Day post cards & the Bridal Party Totes.

This Giant Pom Pom Crown from the Bomb Pom looks so awesome!  I want, I want!

This, which of course has a bad link from Pinterest.  Please let me know if you know where this is from!

Link Love
++ The Planner Plus app for iPad.  Seriously saving my life.  A great paper-planner alternative.  It's a bit expensive, but less expensive than buying a new planner for the blog which is what I do at the beginning of each year.  It still satisfies my need to jot things everywhere but it keeps me organized with sections.  There is a free app which I downloaded & played with before upgrading, but it doesn't show a weekly view.  I really need to see a week in advance, so that's why I upgraded but if you don't....then the free app is just as awesome!. ++

++You can win a blog design courtesy of Signed xoxo,Hannah over on the Freckled Italian.  Hurry, go enter!++

++ Over in the side bar there I added a little widget from Amazon over there in the sidebar with all of my favorite craft & business books.  If you want to know what I read on cold nights, it's usually a crafty business book! I can't wait to get them all on my side of the bookshelf when we get the downstairs together! yay! ++

Happy Friday everyone!

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