A New App I Love // WANELO

So, I've found a totally addicting site called WANELO.  Zach over heard someone talking about it when he was getting a hair cut this week & came home to tell me about it.  I looked it up, downloaded the app, & haven't turned back.  I'm still playing with it, but so far I'm in love:
Short for Want Need Love, WANELO is a sharing site where members post items they love that are also for sale.  Most everything you see on WANELO you can purchase.  From handmade goodies & art to shoes, accessories, & clothes, to cool gadgets & cookware, it's like a one stop shop for everything nifty.  This site is advertised as dangerously addicting & I agree with them.  The interface is super simple, it's laid out well, & posting from the app is fun.  I haven't found anything I've disliked about the site yet!

The site is focused on products & laid out in a true grid pattern, something I love.  I don't like that some sites tend to be moving into a staggered gallery type of look.  The home page is full of all things trending where you can browse new posts or search through popular hashtags.  If you see something you love, hover over it then save it to one of your collections.  Default collections include Things I Want as Gifts & Epic Wishlist but you can add your own.  You can also follow friends & fill in your profile to let other users know who you are.  It's a great marketing tool as well since you can link to your Facebook & Twitter accounts and add a WANELO Save Button to your online store.  You can also tag friends to show them cool product that you know they'd love.

Under their Downloads Section there's even a bookmarklet to add to your browser so you can post to WANELO from any website.  You can also find an app for iPad, iPhone, & Android.  I've been playing around with WANELO mostly on my iPad & love the in app browser.  

You can surf the web, find cool things, & post to WANELO for later.  If you click the post button you'll see an image (or many if there are a few on the page) pop up to post.  Click the image, choose your collection, & then post it to share with the masses.  WANELO imports the information & price of the product automatically then posts your comments under the product.

I love the mix of art & handmade with gadgets & other mainstream things.  It's the best of both worlds & very concise.  One thing I love looking for are iPhone cases.  There are millions & some of them are just plain awesome.  Also, a guilty pleasure I have is searching for things relating to Harry Potter.  Under the hashtag #hallows you'll find everything HP!

So I'll keep posting & saving into next year, the app is so fun.  You can follow me here!

p.s. I'm just posting this review because I love this little site.  I'm not affiliated with them at all, I just wanted to feed your sharing addiction by introducing you to this awesome app!

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  1. I blogged about this recently as well! I am addicted to the app! It's so much fun and its a great way to remember all the things I need to have! Lol

  2. Good Lord this app looks like it'd be majorly addicting slash hard on my bank acount!

    samm @ dysfunctionaleverafter.com


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