Make it Monday // DIY Printable Holiday Card with Picmonkey

It's that time again.  Time to send out your Christmas cards.  I am not sure if Zach & I will be doing any cards this year, I for one have never been good at the whole correspondence thing.  But I do like using software to make lovely designs & thought I'd shift gears towards holiday cards.  If you don't have fancy software or don't want to bother surfing the web for the perfect holiday fonts, our good old friend Picmonkey is here to save the day.  I used some of the winter effects (much like the extinct Picnik, Picmonkey offers seasonal overlays & fonts!) to make our card:
Below you'll find a step by step tutorial on making this holiday card.  I've also included a few blank templates if you're not too sure you can start from scratch:
Navigate to Pickmonkey & select Create a Collage
Choose the size of your card by selecting the template icon.  Pickmonkey has a specific template for cards but you can choose which ever you'd like.  Adjust the widths of the boxes by hovering over the dotted lines then click & drag to where you'd like them to be.
Set the background a festive color or import a picture you'd like to use.  This rusty read color is #B35138.  Drag the dot under the Spacing heading all the way to the left so there is no space around the border.
Now add a contrasting texture to your collage.  Picmonkey has a few lovely holiday themed textures or you can import your own.  Try scanning in scrapbook paper, using digital scrapbooking elements, or your own pictures.
You've now created your card base.  Save it in a folder on your computer.  Navigate to the Picmonkey home page & select Edit a Photo.  Upload your collage.
 Add text until you get the desired effect you're looking for.  Add some overlays (found under the snowflake icon), play with font styles, etc.  Create a classic look or a bold modern look....it's up to you!
For an added old world touch, I chose to add a sketchy frame.  This frame is much more believable than the frost one available under the winter category.  Change the frame color to white for a wintery look.

Now save your final image & you're ready to start printing.  Print them at home on card stock or send them off to Staples or Office Max for printing.  You'll probably get better quality from their printer than an inkjet printer but it's up to you!

Blank Templates to Download:

Download Original Size Here

Download Original Size Here

 Download Original Size Here

(this one has a white right side, promise!)

Download Original Size Here

(this one has a white side too, promise!)
chalkboard image found here

Do you send out Holiday Cards?  Have any fun ideas for cards this year? I'd love to know!

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  1. Moe, As always your tutorial has helped me just in the nic of time! I made one of these with the chalkboard background for my salon clients... you truly are the best!


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