Do You Leave Etsy Feedback? 6 Points on Leaving Feedback

I've been selling on Esty since 2006.  I still remember sitting on my ex boyfriend's couch debating if I should push publish on the first pair of horribly photographed earrings I'd decided to sell.  As a shop owner I've grown so much in the past 6 years from that first listing.  But one thing that has always confused me is feedback.

Sometimes buyers leave feedback & sometimes they don't.  Personally, I've noticed this in both of my Etsy shops but more so in 516VINTAGE since it's so new.  You'll see we've had 8 sales but only 1 buyer left feedback.  As a shop owner I make sure to leave feedback about the buyer to show my appreciation & to continue the relationship with the customer.  But with Etsy shops growing, artists & crafters handling their own e-commerce sites, & e-commerce sites that don't have an option for feedback, I ask this: Does feed back mean anything any more?  Of course if you've had a bad experience you're going to tell your mom, dad, & anyone on the internet....but do you leave feedback when everything went as expected?

Why feedback is important to shop owners

Feedback means a job completed - Feedback, whether positive or negative is a gauge on how a shop is performing vs how they perceive they are performing.  It also lets the shop owner know you got the package, it arrived as advertised, & that the interaction for the purchase is done.  While there may still be questions or interactions or returns, it lets the seller know that everything is finalize.  It's just another way they know they've done their job.

Feedback looks good to other buyers - Feedback wouldn't be listed on your sidebar in your Etsy shop if it weren't important.  It's listed right there under shop owner meaning it's a reflection of you.  If a buyer wants to know more about you they've got to at least peak that number.  Which is why a 100% is always a wonderful thing.  It may not be important to certain buyers but it could be a deal breaker for others.  So it's important to leave feedback so that your purchase goes a long way with the shop & it's future customers. If you like the shop your feedback could help boost business.

Feedback is informative -  Feedback is the arena for information about working with a seller.  Was the seller easy to work with? Were you impressed with their personality & professionalism? Share it!  Was the item gift wrapped? Let other buyers know how you enjoyed your experience with the shop so that buyers feel they can get what the need.  Feedback goes beyond the product descriptions, beyond the photos, & beyond the information the seller provides.  Feedback is the behind the scenes, customer satisfaction other buyers like to hear about.

Why feedback may not be important to buyers

Picture quality can connote a great shop & good customer service - If you're browsing a shop that has a great cohesiveness, wonderful photos, & great descriptions it's more than likely that this business owner is taking his or her job seriously.  This also suggests that they've done their research & are ready to provide to you the excellent customer service you deserve.  If their shop looks like it could be supported on an e-commerce website of it's own you're probably dealing with high quality lads & lasses.  There is the off chance that you'll find a dud, but better image quality & cohesiveness speak volumes to shoppers.  Because of this shoppers are less likely to check feedback first & some may not even check it at all before purchase.  It is also highly likely that their feedback rating is 100%.

One & Done Buyers - We'd all love for our customers to be repeat buyers & sometimes they are.  This has only happened to me, personally, once!  But sometimes shoppers are just looking for one thing whether it be a knit hat, a wheel thrown mug, a unique vintage item, or an item to match a set.  This is the downfall to a site like Etsy - there are millions of shops to choose from & you'll pick one thing here, one thing there & then be done.  You may not even go back to that shop again!  Sometimes buyers are just looking for that one perfect thing & it's not in their mind to leave feedback.

There's just not much to say - Maybe they are satisfied.  I try to leave feedback every time I'm on Etsy but I rarely leave feedback on sites like Amazon because I've got nothing to say.  People will keep buying from there right? Well for Etsy it's a bit different, small businesses can't compete with the big box places like that & rely on advertising, word of mouth, and customers who appreciate handmade/small businesses...feedback is important.

A little note here: This is just what I've observed both being a shop owner & an online buyer.  From my own experiences, observations, & my own shopping experiences.

Do you think feedback is important? Do you leave feedback?

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