Sum Up Sunday // Holiday Happenings

Happy Holidays! I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome & you are full of pies & other homemade treats!  We spent Thanksgiving at Zach's parents house where we ate some delicious food, buffet style & played a round of Settlers of Catan with various cousins.  I ended up making Pistachio Bread & two pies.  The Pistachio bread turned out amazing, you can find that recipe here.

Other than that we've just been hanging out.  The house is still making it's way though we've hit a little road block.  We were hoping of having the drywall up before Thanksgiving but that didn't happen.  Today we'll be running some wires & hopefully moving a long some more.

Nothing too exciting has been going around these parts, we did get our room put together for the most part which is exciting.  All I want to do is have the house done so I can do a proper home tour!  I may end up stenciling labels on the canisters I got from Big Lots & Michaels.  I picked up some cheapo square canisters at Big Lots & needed to find two more.  When I headed to Big Lots they didn't have them any more & then, out of luck, I found them at Michaels.  So that corner of our kitchen is the most complete.

It's been weird having to work in stages on the house but thats how it is right now.  I am just happy when I can get the laundry all done & put away.  Seems to be the only normal thing we can do in this house, that and the dishes!  I did dye the lampshades a lovely shade of lavender.  They were supposed to come out a darker plum so I'm going to do a little bit of experimenting to get it right.  

It's also gotten super chilly here! It snowed the day after Thanksgiving while we were still in Michigan & I got excited.  Apparently it's no big thang for a little bit of snow all around but I still got excited.  It ended up really coming down - and by really coming down I mean 'really coming down' for what I'm used to.  It didn't stick but it sure looked pretty.  Then Saturday it snowed a bit in Indiana.  Just a little bit though, a teeny tiny bit.  

We hit up the antique mall down the street from us just to see what it looked like.  It was pretty neat & we ended up finding a pretty blue canister to go with a yellow one we have.  They'll hold things like pasta, etc.  

I guess it's just been a little while of settling in.  I've been working hard on a few blankets for the Five One Six shop that will hopefully open in January.

I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!!!

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