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So I took a break yesterday to get some ducks in a row with adding more designs to the shop.  I am very proud of this collection & should take time to tell you about it more but I am just ready for my man to come home from his work trip.  When he's gone I get a lot done: one because, well, there's no one to hang with (yet!) & two, because I can't sleep when he's not here.  Seriously :(

These new designs reflect, I think, a real versatility but still a real style.  I am excited for them! They are more complete, more thought out, more put together, & more code than what I was working with before.  I'd also like to share with you my design story even though it's not awesome or anything....just a tale of how I decided I wanted to learn something & how I've kept up with learning it.  Maybe that should have been a post for Blogtober, oh well.

I think I am finally over my cold so that's a plus!  Additionally as much as Blogtober rocked, I am excited to get back to my regular posting schedule which means sharing actual things happening to me. Seriously, I really like to do that!  But anyway for today at least, here's another Fan Friday:

A Book Fair kit from The Book Fair, a shop owned by Kate behind Scathingly Brilliant.  I seriously want one. I don't even know what I'd do with it, really I don't except be in love with it.  Seriously.  Do you remember book fairs? Man, I loved them.  When my sister & I were in elementary school I remember seeing each other there, in the library, looking through the books.  We were 3 grades apart so I think we might have avoided each other.  Pardon the reminice but, sheesh....fresh erasers (we'd get them shaped like frogs because they were pretty & not functional at all), paper backs, packs of 8 crayons, those little pencils you could switch the tips on, oh & those pens with the different inks you could select & push the little button down.  Coolest thing about school.  I miss it.  I'm a sucker for nostalgia.  The best part of this kit? A button with star stickers.  Once you read a book, you put the sticker on the button.  Remember Book It? Read enough books, you get a pizza.  Damn.  Dopest thing ever.

I recently discovered L E I F shop featuring a lovely ceramic artist I happen to admire so much, Lindsay Emery.  Lindsay's work is so colorful & modern with an organic feel.  It's amazing.  I always gain so much inspiration from her work.

This cake (of course found on Pinterest with no link back...help please!).  Is it too early to start thinking about my Birthday? It's December 15th..too early?  I'm not sure what we'll be doing for my birthday this year...or for Zach's!  He has a December Birthday too but he's not real big on those sorts of things.

I am not ashamed to say I sing loudly to this song when I'm along in my car.  I have no idea what the words are....but boy do I sing.

My room mate from college just joined Society 6 with some really cool prints.  She's hilarious, so you definitely need A Bro Ham Lincoln for your wall.

Link Love
++ This post on Elise's small business changes really got me thinking about stuff for our venture.  I'm living and learning right now but these tips are awesome.  I've already decided to move on from etsy for the art & accessories part of Five Sixteenths but sticking with it for some of our other ventures.  I had no idea about shipping through PayPal.  I mean I'd seen it before but thought it would be way to complicated.  So we'll see about that!++

++ This post on a new blog I just found on infidelity.  It was weird, I came at it thinking 'oh yeah, cheating & lying' but to sum it up its a good article on marital disloyalty.  She goes on to say "And if you aren't constantly working to add to your marriage, you are detracting from it. And if you are detracting from your marriage, you are creating infidelity."  I don't totally agree but I do find her tips & her take on it helpful.  I dunno....read the article, I think its interesting. ++

++ I've also been downloading a whole bunch of new fonts & can't wait to try them out.  I think I'll put some more new designs in the shop! ++

Enjoy your Friday!

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