Make it Monday // Tabbed Blog Notebook DIY

About a year ago, I made my blog book from a notebook I picked up from TJ Maxx.  It's getting full so I thought it would be time to create another book for jotting down blog ideas.  Because I like to be super organized when it comes to these things, I made mine with tabs so that I can jot down ideas in the correct category & flip to them easily.  That make developing and idea much easier!

Supplies: Notebook, Washi Tape, Markers, List of your Blog Topics (optional tab dividers)

The notebooks I chose came from Target.  The apple one is from the Dollar Spot & (yay!) Curiosity Shoppe stuff was on salle the other day so I bought somethings I've been wanting.  I'd suggest a thick but not too thick notebook so you can divide pages easily.

I made a list of my blog features & other sections I'd like to include in my notebook to write down & flip to my ideas easier:
 + Make it Monday
 + Trend Tuesday
 + Wednesday Decor
 + Boost Your Blog
 + Thrift Tips
 + Other Blog Topics
 + Other Notes

Make the Tabs - If you don't want to go out & purchase some divider tabs, use washi tape to make your tabs like I did.  Cut a piece of tape even on both sides.  Lay the tape down so it hangs off of the page.  Flip the page over & carefully fold down the tape to meet at the edge of the page, stick to itself, & make a tab.

Place a tab where ever you wish.  I made my Make it Monday section bigger for DIY instructions, supply lists, sketches, etc.  If you need even sections go for it, it's your notebook so make it your own!

Then I labeled my tabs & began jotting down ideas.  Sometimes I throw in sticky notes so I can move them around in the notebook but most of the time it's just a place for writing & sketching.

The Curiosity Shoppe notebook became my blogging book & I'm trying out another book (the apple book) for the various shops and side projects I work on.  Both of these will stay in my purse so I can jot things down on the go & pull it out when I sit at my desk.  

I've still got some room in my old notebook so I might wait until the new year to use these but it's always fun to have a back up!

Do you have a notebook to organize ideas? How many tabs do you need?

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  1. Hi Moe...

    Love this post! Such a wonderful idea... I'm going to do this. I even pinned it on Pinterest. :) Your blog is so helpful to me and my blog, These Hands of Mine. Please go check it out at handsofmine.com!



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