Make it Monday // 2 More Background Generators

Continuing to catch up! I at least want to have 31 posts so anyone who stumbles upon Blogtober in the future knows what's up...oh, and I don't want to cheat you all out of 31 tricks & treats!

I shared with you a while ago the Tartan Maker + some freebies from Pugly Pixel but I wanted to share with you some other lovely backgrounds + their makers:

Stripes Generator
This is the sister site to the tartan maker!  I love stripes & you can add as many or as few as you'd like!
get the tile image here 

BG Patterns
Choose from an array of icons, change the size, orientation, color, etc.  You name it! Make pretty feminine backgrounds with this one.
get the tile image here

I love BG Patterns because of the range of icons you can use.  You can manipulate them in a bunch of ways too so the options are nearly limitless.  There are a few lace like icons too to make a pretty feminine design...great for a wedding blog!


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