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It's true, I've fallen head over heels for the coolest app: Instagram.  It's a great way to document your day, your travels, your taste, etc & it's even a cool little micro-blogging machine.  Share with others an instant peak into your day but what about those people who follow your blog but may not have a smart phone?  How do you share your day with them? Even further, how do you let people know that you're on Instagram since there's no web link for it?

Below are a few ways to integrate your love of filtered photography on your blog:

 Instagram Slideshow  - I actually first encountered this on Megan's blog the Freckled Italian.  Immediately I started looking for a way to get my hands on a cool rotating slideshow of my recent pictures.  I found the website Snap Widget that lets you import your photographs via your username & even hashtags.  Then you set the width & paste the code in a widget on your sidebar.  Super easy!  I threw in my username below the slideshow so others could search me if they wanted in order to follow me through Instagram.

 Followgram  - This is a website that I have my instagram icon at the top of the blog linked to.  You can join & find bloggers/people you love with out using your smart phone.  You do need to have an instagram account but hey, you could borrow your friends phone or use an iPod touch connected to the internet to sign up.  Then follow online.  If you do share your everyday photos on Instagram, Followgram is a great site to link Instagram to your blog.  Another neat part is on your profile page you can find a QR code that others can scan to follow you.  If you want, copy the image & paste it on your sidebar.  Now others can scan to follow you!  Another site I've seen is Webstagram.  I don't think one is better than the other, I just found Followgram first.

 Weekly Sum Up Posts  - Usually on Five Sixteenths, Sunday is reserved for a weekly sum up.  A lot of readers/bloggers say they don't really care for sum up Instagram posts like this but for me it's a personal thing.  A big part of my blog is a journal of my life so Sum Up Sunday is a promise to myself to recap the week so I can go back & look at my life over the course of this blog.  So, incorporating Instagram photos like this can help you stay connected to the personal aspect of your blog.  I think posts like these keep you real as a blogger because you're sharing your real life.  Usually I use the image URLs from my Followgram account (another reason it's pretty cool!)

How do you connect with readers through Instagram? Are you on it? Let me know, I wanna follow!

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  1. Ah I've been wondering how girls were adding their IG's to their sidebar like that. huh. Thanks, Great Post! :)


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