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Well, here I am again, catching up with posts.  I tried so hard to do a 31 day feature...but moving & all that jazz...then, this weekend (Fri-Sun) Zach & I were both sick.  I was horrible & gross.  Both of us, laid up in bed coughing & sleeping it was horrible.  He's all better today but I'm still overcoming mine. I despise being sick.  I am ok with it for the first like two days...then I just get frustrated because I can't get anything done!  So here I am on day 4 still feeling crappy.  But I've got work to do so this cold better back off!

Another example of creating a blog posting schedule from Styling You.  I really like seeing how others take on this crazy thing called blogging.  I think it's great to see the same thing from a few angles.

I don't think I've mentioned all the awesome tutorials Kira has going on over at Her New Leaf.  She's super awesome & took on her own blog re-design & learned a lot.

Link Love
++ A great screen cast + banner freebies from Oh My! Handmade.  Plus some other resources thrown in ++

++ Freebies from I Rock So What.  There's a load from printables to social media icons.  I totally forgot about this blog...so glad I ran across it again! ++

I've been having fun sharing some nifty stuff with you all, even though I have to catch up sometimes!!!

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