Trend Tuesday // Halloween Decor in the Vintage Shop

516VINTAGE has made it's first two sales. Yippee!!! Today I want to share with you some new (& old) items in the shop that are perfect for your Halloween & Fall decor:

A Dangerous Outdoor Living book in bright orange.  Perfect for a Halloween vignette!  Pick up a skull or two from the Halloween store or craft store & place on top a stack of books featuring dangerous titles!

Set of 3 amber colored lidded containers perfect to hold all of your creepy crawlies, dontcha think?  Great for after Halloween to store your bits & bobs in your craft room or doodads in the kitchen.

There's lot's of different shades of amber glass in the shop but how about this Erlenmeyer Flask shaped container? I can see some more creepy crawlies right next to the DANGER! vignette!

There's a whole lotta vintage in the shop right now & Zach and I are excited to celebrate our two sales.

Will you use vintage to decorate for Halloween??

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