Trend Tuesday // Fall Transitions

So everyone tells me that I am going to freeze up north this winter.  And while I probably will, I will be so excited to finally put on a pair of tights.  Layering & Fall clothes are my comfort zone.  I love thick tights, comfy sweaters, & scarves.  Love it!  I also love transitioning summer clothes into Fall outfits.  The bright colors & patterns of Summer always make an appearance in my Fall wardrobe.


In fact, I picked up some super cute clearance patterned dressed from Target the other day.  That's how I shop for Fall: Clearance pieces from the summer that will transition well.  I do it every year.  I pick up items that I know will go well into Fall & that will work well coming back out into Spring.

About a year ago I bought a really great pair of tall boots from TJ Maxx that I'll be breaking out again this year.  I also have a trusty black & a trusty brown cardigan that I've had from TJ Maxx for a while.  All of the elements above define my fall wardrobe.  Sometimes there are jeans thrown in but I find fall the most comfortable weather to wear dresses.

What are your Fall staples?

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  1. i feel your excitement. love this season, and i LOVE breaking out the tights and cardis! makes my heart happy every year!


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