Number One Reason Why I Love Travel Time

I've got the best view:

I have to say that the best part about traveling with Zach is that I get to see cool cities, beautiful country sides, & the leaves change all over the midwest.  Seeing the jagged city edges fade into the patchwork fields of the countryside is a unique experience.  My favorite trip so far was the 2 or 3 days we drove through 5 states: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, & Wisconsin.  Stopping a long the way in the cities for work & finding country road antique malls to pick up items for our various collections is the life man, I tell you.

Here are the other benefits, coming in a close second & third

 We get to know each other better  - It's true that as you progress in a relationship you talk more but communicate less.  We are constantly on our phones at diners or in bed in hotels but I've decided to start looking up conversation starters so we can learn more about each other.  This past week we talked about Art & about politics.  I'm liking this spending time together thing.

 I get to be inspired  - I guess this goes a long with the view thing, but we get to see loads & loads of beautiful architecture.  As we walk or drive through cities I'm capturing the mix of old & new architecture on my phone.  Seeing different textures, colors, styles, etc is great.  I think this is a great time in my life (our life) to see different cities.  From Milwaukee, to Madison, to Chicago, it's all been beautiful.

I feel like I am living a one of a kind life & it makes me so happy.  I am so grateful & thankful to be able to have this experience & to be able to share this life with someone pretty awesome.  I am not sure what I'd do with out him.

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  1. Beautiful photos, especially the one from Chicago! And it's so true, travelling really does bring you closer! Love this post!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Love your photographs, gave me a minute to live vicariously through you. Good on you for keeping the conversations alive, it's so important!



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